Who pays real estate agents?
Mar 18, 2024

Who pays real estate agents?

Right now, the seller does — kinda. But that could change.

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Interest rates worldwide might start falling as central banks meet this week

Mar 18, 2024
Switzerland may be the first to start rolling back the recent round of rate hikes.
The European Central Bank is expected to be among the first central banks to start cutting rates, says Sharyn O’Halloran at Columbia Business School.
Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP via Getty Images

More housing stock means the market may be shifting in favor of buyers

Mar 18, 2024
New home listings hit a 17-month high in February, and as more sellers sell, housing prices could flatten, says Conor Sen at Bloomberg Opinion.
"We're seeing inventory really grow off the very low levels of last year," says Bloomberg's Conor Sen. "And in a market that's very undersupplied, that's becoming a meaningful amount of inventory."
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

New fees and new tech may curb methane emissions

Mar 18, 2024
More accurate means of measurement could help curtail the greenhouse gas, a potent contributor to climate change.
In the next few years, there will be wider deployment of technology to detect and reduce methane emissions, according to Arvind Ravikumar of the University of Texas at Austin.
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Bird flu has killed chickens and scrambled egg prices

Mar 18, 2024
Since early 2022, more than 80 million birds, most of them egg layers, have been stricken by the disease.
Poultry caretakers and processors take strict biosecurity measures to keep avian influenza and other viruses away from their birds.
Kerry Klein/KVPR

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