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When the government pays more on its debt, so do you

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A treasury note surrounded by $100 bills.

Since the yield on Treasury debt has shot up in recent months, "we’ve passed at least half of that on to consumers and in many cases more than that," said Matt Dundas at Carvana. LPETTET/Getty Images

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Why high yields on Treasury notes should worry you

by Matt Levin Sep 20, 2022
Higher yields on government bonds mean the interest rate you pay for pretty much everything also climbs.

Why are home prices still rising?

by Lily Jamali Sep 20, 2022
As interest rates climb, people who own homes with low mortgage rates have little incentive to sell, keeping the supply tight.
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It costs how much to ship that? How one commission is tackling inflation at the ports

by Kai Ryssdal and Sarah Leeson Sep 20, 2022
A new law has given the Federal Maritime Commission the teeth it needs to tackle high shipping fees and congestion at the ports.

Puerto Ricans who thought hurricane insurance covered flooding may have a rude awakening

by Andy Uhler Sep 20, 2022
Did wind or water cause the damage to their homes? That's up to the insurance adjuster.

NYC's delivery drivers depend on e-bikes, but charging and storing them isn't easy

by Samantha Fields Sep 20, 2022
E-bikes are particularly popular among food delivery workers, and an informal, underground economy has sprung up to support them.

Wyoming hopes recreational trail improvements will spur tourism

by Caitlin Tan Sep 20, 2022
Updating old cattle trails, logging roads and wildlife migration trails could provide a crucial boost to local economies, some say.

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