The right to disconnect
Apr 4, 2024

The right to disconnect

What if you didn't have to answer after-hours calls from your boss? Like, legally?

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When will rates go down? The answer rests on conflicting economic data.

Apr 4, 2024
The numbers are sending positive and negative signs, making the future of inflation, and the timing of Fed interest rate cuts, uncertain.
The numbers paint a mixed picture of the economy, so Federal Reserve officials seem to be waiting for clarity.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

In 2023, women's gains in corporate C-suites were reversed

Apr 4, 2024
Women, including CEOs, are sometimes hit harder by unfavorable economic conditions.
gradyreese/Getty Images

A look back at the 2020 Creek Fire and a harrowing escape

Apr 4, 2024
Nearly 250 campers had to be airlifted out of the Sierra Nevada mountains after the fire trapped them at a lake.
Years after the 2020 Creek Fire, parts of the Sierra National Forest remain denuded and bare, like this section being surveyed and restored by workers with the U.S. Forest Service in August of 2023.
Kerry Klein/KVPR

Tired of your boss bugging you after hours? You want the "right to disconnect"

Apr 4, 2024
A bill in the California legislature would make the state the first in the nation to offer what's already law in France and about a dozen other countries.
In California, AB 2751 would give workers a right to uninterrupted personal time, free from work-related calls and messages.
Antonio Guillem via Getty Images

Why demand for jeans persists across the decades

Apr 4, 2024
Part of denim’s staying power comes from its ability to adapt to the trends of each generation.
What do all of these February 2024 New York Fashion Week attendees have in common?
Christian Vierig, Daniel Zuchnik and Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Why is there so much plastic in the produce aisle?

Apr 4, 2024
Plastic packaging helps food be transported and extends its freshness. But it contributes to climate change and clogs our waterways.
Bagged salads contribute to the plastic waste stream. Americans bought $4.3 billion worth of them in 2023, says Kim Severson of The New York Times.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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