Regional banks aren’t out of the woods yet
Jun 16, 2023

Regional banks aren’t out of the woods yet

It's been three months since Silicon Valley Bank's collapse began a season of turmoil for regional banks. We check in with some of those left standing. Plus, student debt assistance as a work perk?

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Though the Federal Reserve pressed the pause button on interest rate hikes earlier this week, what will happen come July? And is that elusive soft landing in reach? Marketplace host Kimberly Adams is joined by Catherine Rampell at The Washington Post and Jeanna Smialek at the New York Times to discuss.

Regional banks still face challenges after bank runs

Jun 16, 2023
They've been operating under more scrutiny from the federal government and trying to manage the Federal Reserve's higher interest rates.
Silicon Valley Bank was one of the regional banks that failed earlier this year.
Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

Some U.S. manufacturers are still benefiting from Trump-era tariffs

Jun 16, 2023
The Biden administration hasn’t removed Trump’s tariffs on steel or aluminum — to the benefit of some U.S. manufacturers.
"Everyone kind of expected when President Biden came into office that that the China tariffs would go away," said customs broker Gretchen Blough. "But everything's still in place."
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Student debt help could be a new worker perk with loan payments resuming soon

Jun 16, 2023
It’s still a relatively rare benefit: About 8% of employers in the country offer help with student loan debt.
Employers who offer some sort of benefit that helps workers with student debt see it as part of competing for talent in a tight job market.
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

For brands facing transphobic backlash, walking back inclusive campaigns may be "shortsighted"

Jun 16, 2023
Target and Bud Light bowed to pressure for supporting LGBTQ people, but now many of those shoppers may take their money elsewhere.
A customer browses Pride Month accessories at a Target store on June 6. Following a backlash, the company pulled some products catering to LGBTQ shoppers.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

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