Nothing like a blocked Suez Canal to show the global supply chain’s fragility
Mar 24, 2021

Nothing like a blocked Suez Canal to show the global supply chain’s fragility

A 1,300-foot-long, 200-foot-wide cargo ship shut down the Suez Canal this week. Also on today's show: We decided to see for ourselves what all that NFT buzz is about.

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The Suez Canal block could hit 'downstream' manufacturers the hardest

Mar 24, 2021
A container ship blocking the Suez Canal since Tuesday evening underscores the fragility of the global supply chain.
Cargo ships seen in the Suez Canal in 2019.
Khaled Desouki/AFP via Getty Images

Durable goods orders sidetracked by February storms and pandemic shortages

Mar 24, 2021
Despite disruptions caused by bad weather and limited semiconductor supplies, durable goods shipments are up 2% year-over-year.
Durable goods are big-ticket items that last for three years or more, like clothes dryers and vehicles.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Why economic data has revisions

“Marketplace” host Kai Ryssdal looks into why economic reports — such as weekly unemployment claims and GDP — often contain big revisions from previous releases.

Why businesses are pushing Congress to expand paid family and medical leave

Mar 24, 2021
Federal funds would help businesses who already offer paid leave — and be an incentive for those who don't.
Paid leave is good for both workers and businesses.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Who will win the delivery app war?

Mar 24, 2021
As more people start eating in restaurants again, delivery companies are competing for consumer loyalty and looking beyond food.
Food and grocery delivery are just the start for apps like DoorDash and GrubHub.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

As state unemployment trust funds empty, employers face soaring taxes

Mar 24, 2021
States are scrambling to raise money — and changing their unemployment systems in other ways.
Owner Chris Knudson at Well 80 Brewhouse in Olympia, Washington. Knudson just started broadcasting Well 80’s weekly Tuesday Trivia Night live on the brewpub’s big-screen TVs for in-person diners, after holding the event virtually via Zoom for the past year during the pandemic.
Mitchell Hartman/Marketplace

Tweets are selling for millions as NFTs. We decided to see what all the buzz is about.

Mar 24, 2021
Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal and Andrew CM from Valuables by Cent experiment with turning a tweet into a non-fungible token.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in 2019.
David Becker/Getty Images

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