Neel Kashkari and the Fed’s inflation fears
Feb 21, 2024

Neel Kashkari and the Fed’s inflation fears

Why is it taking so long for the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates? Neel Kashkari of the Minneapolis Fed explains inflation fears.

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"I think our fear of high inflation is well warranted," Minneapolis Fed president says

Feb 21, 2024
Neel Kashkari weighs in on the state of the economy and what's left to bring inflation down to the Fed's 2% target.
"I do the grocery shopping for my family. I started doing that when the pandemic hit, and I still have sticker shock," says Neel Kashkari, Minneapolis Fed president.
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Why Amazon is replacing Walgreens Boots Alliance on the Dow Jones

Feb 21, 2024
A Dow Jones committee considers company growth and investor interest when deciding which stocks to include in the index.
Adding Amazon to the Dow will give investors more exposure to consumer retail.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

How the budget fight in Congress threatens federal wildland firefighters' pay

Feb 21, 2024
Federal firefighters make as little as $15 an hour. A permanent boost has bipartisan support, but it’s tied up in Congress' budget fight.
Federal firefighters starting out in their careers may earn as little as $15 an hour.
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The US is known for designing chips, not making them. Can the CHIPS Act funding change that?

Feb 21, 2024
This week, the Biden administration said it’s awarding $1.5 billion to chipmaker GlobalFoundries to expand its manufacturing here, in the largest grant under the CHIPS Act so far.
President Joe Biden arrives to deliver remarks at Wolfspeed, a semiconductor manufacturer, in Durham, North Carolina, on March 28, 2023.
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The federal government wants to sell off its helium reserve. Some industries are pushing back.

Feb 21, 2024
Congress decided to sell it off before demand for helium skyrocketed, thanks to MRIs and semiconductor chipmaking.
Helium is now an essential element for things like MRI machines.
Alain Jocard/AFP via Getty Images

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