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It’s sweltering in the Pacific Northwest. Can the infrastructure keep cool?

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A man tries to beat the heat while sitting in front of a Seattle fountain.

A heat wave is scorching the Pacific Northwest. In Seattle, only about 44% of homes have air conditioning. Stephen Brashear via Getty Images

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Extreme heat, urgent need for AC challenges infrastructure

by Meghan McCarty Carino Jun 28, 2021
Nonprofit Climate Central estimates that home air conditioning use will increase almost 60% over the next 30 years.

The Fed walks a tightrope: Stimulate the economy without causing a housing bubble

by Marielle Segarra Jun 28, 2021
The central bank's been keeping interest rates low in part by buying up mortgage-backed securities. That has Fed officials keeping a wary eye on the housing market for signs of overheating.
Shelf Life

Why the words of America’s first Black economist resonate today

by Kimberly Adams and Maria Hollenhorst Jun 28, 2021
“She was prescient in many ways,” says Nina Banks, editor of a new book on the speeches and writing of Sadie T. M. Alexander.

The expanded child tax credit could "cut poverty in half"

by Samantha Fields Jun 28, 2021
Starting July 15, most parents will get monthly payments for half of the tax credit instead of a lump sum at tax time.
COVID & Unemployment

Today's conversations about work relief sound like those of the New Deal era

by Andie Corban Jun 28, 2021
Professors Jason Scott Smith and Jessamyn Schaller look back at the Works Progress Administration's legacy.

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Stay This Way The Brand New Heavies
To Zion (feat. Carlos Santana) Ms. Lauryn Hill, Carlos Santana
Chameleon Emancipator, 9 Theory
Remember the Rain Kadhja Bonet

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