Big wins for the labor movement on this Labor Day
Sep 5, 2022

Big wins for the labor movement on this Labor Day

In today's show, we'll take the pulse of labor organizing in the U.S. Then, we'll travel to Memphis for luxe chocolates, dive into the Panama Canal's water woes and put some work in at a Minnesota egg farm.

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Panel will set wages and conditions for 500,000 California fast food workers

Sep 5, 2022
The approach is rare in the U.S., but common in other industrialized countries.
California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the FAST Recovery Act on Labor Day.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Federal jobs survey will replace COVID questions with new queries about telework

Sep 5, 2022
It's the end of an era — the pandemic era — for the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Since May 2020, the  Bureau of Labor Statistics has been asking people whether COVID affected the hours they've worked or prevented them from looking for work.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Like Willy Wonka, this Memphis chocolatier wants his sweets to tell stories

Sep 5, 2022
With flavors like barbecue, cornbread and banana pudding, Phillip Ashley Rix found an unfilled niche in the luxury chocolate world.
A box of luxury chocolates from Phillip Ashley Rix.
(Courtesy Rix)

The new tech behind LeVar Burton’s crusade for child literacy

The actor and producer says pivoting to educational tools online is important for teaching “digital native” youngsters.

Farm tourism puts vacationers to work — and they love it

Sep 5, 2022
On a Minnesota egg farm, visitors embrace a more intimate agritourism experience — in which they sleep and even work on the farm.
This small outbuilding at the Locally Laid Egg Farm in Wrenshall, Minnesota, is one-third chicken coop, two-thirds vacation rental — separated only by panes of glass.
Dan Kraker

Climate change is impacting the Panama Canal — and the trade that moves through it

Sep 5, 2022
Officials are searching for a way to increase the flow of water without disrupting the environment and Panamanian society.
Freighters enter the Panama Canal on the Atlantic side. As droughts and storms become more common, the canal needs to find fresh sources of water and new ways to store it. 
Searagen/Getty Images

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