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A new spin on the yard sale
Apr 22, 2024

A new spin on the yard sale

Also: Profits are up, but probably not because of "greedflation," and government grants aim to get solar panels on low-income families' roofs.

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Profits are up, according to a business survey. This time, it probably isn't due to "greedflation."

Apr 22, 2024
Companies don't have the pricing power they had in the pandemic recovery. Now it's more like the before times.
A survey from the National Association for Business Economics found that profits hit their highest level since October 2021.
Charnchai/Getty Images

Biden administration will award $7 billion in solar energy grants for homes

Apr 22, 2024
The funds will help 900,000 low-income and disadvantaged households benefit from solar energy, including by cutting their electric bills.
President Biden announced the Solar for All program Monday in Virginia during an event commemorating Earth Day.
Andrew Harnik/Getty Images

Cash for your backyard? Companies, homeowners try to capitalize on a California law.

Apr 22, 2024
Housing shortage-plagued California recently started allowing property owners to split their lots and have developers build new homes there.
Courtesy Peter Taormina

Electrical grid transformers could be more efficient with different steel. Here's the challenge.

Apr 22, 2024
Last year, the Department of Energy proposed using amorphous steel. But some electricity providers, power companies and steel plants objected.
Workers from United Auto Workers Local 3303 and community members gather in Butler, Pennsylvania, to hear how the proposed Department of Energy rule could impact their plant. The DOE ultimately walked back the efficiency mandates.
Julie Grant/The Allegheny Front

SCOTUS weighs policy on policing homeless people amid a national housing shortage

Apr 22, 2024
The justices will debate if enforcing a public camping ban in Grants Pass, Oregon, violated the Eighth Amendment.
Communities are grappling with how to address record-high homelessness across the country.
John Moore/Getty Images

This illustrator plans to go back to teaching, but that doesn't mean she's given up on her business

Apr 22, 2024
Julia McGuigan, a freelance illustrator in Omaha, Nebraska, has decided to seek a salary to supplement her unpredictable business income.
Julia McGuigan is an illustrator, small-business owner and soon-to-be art teacher based in Omaha, Nebraska.
Courtesy Faith Gedwillo

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