Spots will be open on the Federal Reserve board of governors
Nov 9, 2021

Spots will be open on the Federal Reserve board of governors

Also today: Some new research shows a shift in how people view the process of getting a loan. We also look into the lingering impact that abandoned, dormant oil wells can have.

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What kind of problems can abandoned oil wells leave behind?

Nov 9, 2021
One Texas rancher still trying to find out whether a leak from a decommissioned oil well is a sign of other problems on her land.
Ashley Watt stands on her family cattle ranch in Crane County, Texas.
Mitch Borden/Marfa Public Radio

Why do people think it's harder to get a loan now than a year ago?

Nov 9, 2021
A New York Federal Reserve survey finds that peoples' perceptions about loans have shifted, even though many are in relatively good shape compared to last year.
Getty Images

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