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One step closer to a new COVID relief package
Mar 8, 2021

One step closer to a new COVID relief package

How the COVID relief package passed by the Senate differs from the House's bill. Plus, a closer look at how pandemic economic turmoil has affected women. And, what it means to create an inclusive workplace for trans workers.

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During the pandemic, women are less likely to ask for raises and promotions

Mar 8, 2021
An Indeed survey found that mid-career women, especially, are overwhelmed with family responsibilities.
A new Indeed survey conducted in December finds that women, who were already more reluctant than men to push for higher pay and better jobs, are now even less likely to advocate for themselves.
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What it means to create a trans-inclusive workplace

Mar 8, 2021
Despite a 2020 Supreme Court ruling, many trans people continue to face discrimination and mistreatment at work.
"There are a lot of resources where, people that are trans-visible, where you can listen to their podcasts or their TED Talks. There are books about trans people and they're explaining their experience. So doing the work, and meeting that person halfway," says NiiLee Grant.
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