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A proposal to eliminate unemployment
Jun 16, 2020

A proposal to eliminate unemployment

Retail sales jumped by nearly 18% in May, more than double the forecasts. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell starts two days of congressional testimony today. And, in our Reimagining the Economy project, the case for a job guarantee.

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Retail sales soar 17.7% in May, although they're still down compared to last year

Jun 16, 2020
Overall, retail sales are down by 6% compared to May 2019.
With lockdowns lifting, economists expected May retail sales to jump. But not by this much.
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Fed Chair Powell to report to Congress on the COVID-19 economy

Jun 16, 2020
He's expected to elaborate on his pessimistic forecast that millions of people who have lost their jobs during the pandemic may not get them back.
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell
Mark Makela/Getty Images

The effects of unemployment spread like a virus

A possible cure for the economic crisis caused by the pandemic? The job guarantee. Pavlina Tcherneva of Bard College explains the job-creation idea.
The job guarantee concept is simple: For everyone who wants a job, a job will be provided by the government.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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