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The next round of PPP loans
Jan 11, 2021

The next round of PPP loans

Initially, only first-time loan applications from businesses working with small, community lenders will be accepted. Plus, the social media platforms and internet service providers that have blocked or otherwise cut ties with President Trump. And, Biden's vow to make the environment a top priority.

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Next round of PPP loans starts Monday

Loan money can be used to cover more expenses this time around — not just payroll, but also to buy supplies.
Larger companies initially took advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program, which was intended to offer forgivable loans to smaller businesses.
Kameleon007 via Getty Images

What we should take away from how quickly big social media platforms acted to block or cut ties with President Trump

“These are businesses. For years, it’s been obvious that more extreme content has been more popular online,” “Marketplace Tech” host Molly Wood said, “whether it was stupid stunts, or eventually far-right political disinformation and conspiracy theories. And that doesn’t just mean spreading a new religion by true believers. It’s profit. Social media companies profited from engagement and clicks and ad revenue. And these conspiracist influencers also profit from engagement and clicks and ad revenue. They’re selling merchandise and books and speaking engagements and soliciting donations. Social media has been a Wild West where there was a lot of money to be made. And, unfortunately, a lot of people figured out that you could make money by telling extreme stories that, equally unfortunately, people would believe. There was a lot of money to be made in deliberately undermining the truth and for these platforms in allowing that to happen. We’re now at a point finally where the danger seems to outweigh the profit.”

Biden climate team sparks optimism among environmentalists

Jan 11, 2021
President-elect Joe Biden has vowed to make the environment a priority in an agenda that would reverse many Trump administration policies.
Gina McCarthy, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, will be the first national climate adviser.
Joshua Roberts/Getty Images

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