Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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First up: Facebook celebrates ten years today. Later: With figures on manufacturing orders out today, we look at why the manufacturing sector is getting leaner and leaner after each recession. Though employment in manufacturing is inching back up, few expect it to return to pre-recession levels. And, Microsoft names its new CEO: Satya Nadella. We look at whether he will be up to the task, as well as the legacy of his predecessor, Steve Ballmer.

PODCAST: Microsoft has a new CEO

Satya Nadella is Microsoft's new chief executive. We look back at Steve Ballmer's tenure as his successor takes over. And where have manufacturing jobs gone?
Posted In: Microsoft, manufacturing

Foster care is costly, and some states send more kids to relatives

Family care outside of the foster system is cheaper, but some children may lose out on services and oversight.
Posted In: foster care

A look back at Steve Ballmer

With Microsoft naming its new CEO, we examine the highs and lows of Ballmer's tenure leading the software giant.
Posted In: Microsoft, Steve Ballmer

Microsoft names Satya Nadella as new CEO

A puff of white smoke and Microsoft has a new chief executive.
Posted In: Microsoft

Will Microsoft's new CEO be able to satisfy investors?

Investors want action, but will Satya Nadella be able to deliver?
Posted In: Microsoft
A health-care reform specialist helps people select insurance plans at an Affordable Care Act Enrollment Fair at California's Pasadena City College in 2013.

How healthcare reform aims to control healthcare inflation

The new health insurance markets should moderate healthcare costs.
Posted In: ACA, health care

Market recap: Corrections

A look at the numbers surrounding the continuing stock market losses.
Posted In: stock market

Congress holds hearing on army recruiting fraud

When incentives to recruit new soldiers turns to fraud.
Posted In: Army, National Guard, Congress

New tech calls for better batteries

One challenge facing consumer electronics makers is the need for batteries that hold a longer charge.
Posted In: batteries

Where have manufacturing jobs gone?

Manufacturing jobs have been inching up, but not to pre-recession levels. The economy has lost about two million factory jobs since the start of the recession.
Posted In: manufacturing

Market slump continues in Japan

A lesson from Japan on how American factories are connected to collapsing stock prices.
Posted In: Japan, Nikkei

Watch five romance movies to save your marriage

A new study finds that watching five romantic films, and then talking about them, can cut divorce rates for couples.
Posted In: relationships, marriage

After 10 years of reminding you of other people's birthdays...

The Facebook newsfeed celebrates one of its own. Which product changed the news business forever?
Posted In: Facebook, birthdays, newsfeed

When you lose $300,000 on a video game

A battle for virtual territory in the massively online game EVE Online was its most costly, ever.
Posted In: gaming, video games, EVE Online

PODCAST: Matchmaking in Mexico

The new Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker is going on a trade mission to Mexico to find new business partners to match with U.S. companies. And, investing in iPads to help schoolchildren learn carries some costs that may be getting overlooked.
Posted In: podcast, Mexico, Olympics, iPad

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