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Indigenous Peoples Day lends a helping hand to Indigenous business
Oct 11, 2021

Indigenous Peoples Day lends a helping hand to Indigenous business

Also today, senior economics contributor Chris Farrell chats with us about the Nobel Prize. A new law in California allows more freedom for workers to speak out about abuse at the workplace.

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Some Native-owned businesses see a boost from Indigenous Peoples' Day

Oct 11, 2021
And for some business owners, the increased interest hasn't been limited to the holiday.
Melinda Williamson, who’s Potawatomi and lives in Kansas, started Morning Light Kombucha in 2016.
Screenshot, Morning Light Kombucha

California law expands protections for workers to speak about harassment or discrimination

Oct 11, 2021
Might this law inspire similar bans on agreements to silence people in other situations, like defective consumer products cases?

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