Jul 20, 2020

What will the next COVID-19 relief package look like?

The fight on Capitol Hill continues over how to support the U.S. economy as the pandemic rages on. Tesla's upcoming earnings report could make it eligible to join the S&P 500. And, emergency help for farmers during COVID-19.

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Where does Congress stand on another COVID-19 relief package?

The House has passed a $3 trillion relief bill. Senate Republicans are expected to roll out their own package this week.
Senate Republicans are expected to roll out another coronavirus relief package proposal this week.
Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

Tesla's next quarterly earnings could make it eligible to join the S&P 500

Jul 20, 2020
What does joining the stock index mean for a company?
Joining the S&P 500 could help boost Tesla stock prices and help the company raise cash.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Farmers are struggling in the pandemic economy

Jul 20, 2020
A study finds emergency government money will make up more than a third of farm income.
Dairy cows in a field at Grazing Plains Farm near Newton in central Kansas.
Courtesy of Jason Schmidt

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