Krissy Clark

Host and Senior Correspondent


I dig into history, policy and human stories to help make sense of "making it" in America. I'm interested in the fundamental shifts happening in the U.S. economy, including the widening gap between rich and poor, the stagnation of economic mobility, the growth of the low-wage service sector and the shrinking of middle-wage, middle-class jobs. My reporting has appeared on "99% Invisible," "Reveal," Slate, "Freakonomics," "Pop-Up Magazine," NPR's “Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered," and the BBC.

What was your first job?

The highly gendered job of babysitting.

In your next life, what would your career be?

Oyster farmer.

What’s your most memorable Marketplace moment?

Jumping from a flying trapeze for a story about the social safety net.

What’s the favorite item in your workspace and why?

Some handwritten thank-you notes from listeners, the Krispy Kreme mug an old colleague gave me and the pictures of my kids.

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For the gig economy, emergency aid will be crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic

by Kai Ryssdal and Krissy Clark Mar 26, 2020
In a historic move, gig and freelance workers will qualify for unemployment benefits.
Scott Olson/Getty Images
The Uncertain Hour

30 years ago, George H.W. Bush held up a baggie of crack on live TV. Where'd he get it?

by Krissy Clark Mar 21, 2019
This season on The Uncertain Hour, we tell that story.
President George H.W. Bush addressing the nation on Sept. 5, 1989. The president illustrated the threat of drugs by holding up a baggie of crack he said had been seized across the street from the White House.
Courtesy: George Bush Presidential Library and Museum
The Uncertain Hour

What your internet service provider knows about you

by Krissy Clark Mar 19, 2018
A look at one of the federal regulations erased with a rarely used tool.
Joanna Neborsky/Marketplace
The Uncertain Hour

This country has a lot of rules, but they're all there for a reason — right?

by Krissy Clark Feb 2, 2018
In which we all learn what "boar taint" means.

Meet Ruth Desmond, a concerned citizen who changed the face of food regulation

by Krissy Clark Oct 27, 2017
How'd America become a regulatory state? We went looking in a D.C.-area kitchen.
Ruth Desmond
Courtesy Janet Swauger

How education changed because of welfare reform

by Krissy Clark Jul 7, 2016
Time limits fueled the rise of short-term credential programs, like cosmetology.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Welfare's role in alternative to abortion programs

by Krissy Clark Jun 23, 2016
Indiana and other states support crisis pregnancy centers with federal welfare money.
When Brandi David found herself unexpectedly pregnant, she turned to Women's Care Center for help.
Caitlin Esch/Marketplace

Why do welfare funds go to marriage counseling?

by Krissy Clark May 31, 2016
Our new podcast, "The Uncertain Hour" looks at the sometimes surprising places welfare cash ends up.
Instructors Cynthia Rayford and Scott Roby conduct a marriage counseling class in Oklahoma. 
Krissy Clark
York & Fig

York & Fig: Confessions of an ambivalent landlord

by Krissy Clark Sep 22, 2015
A real estate investor asks herself if she can be socially responsible in an up-and-coming neighborhood.
York & Fig

A satirical spin on gentrification in New York

by Krissy Clark Sep 21, 2015
Two ad guys pitch a message of gentrification at a store in Brooklyn.

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