Krissy Clark

Former Host and Senior Correspondent


Krissy Clark hosted, reported, produced and edited for Marketplace's award-winning narrative documentary podcast “The Uncertain Hour,” where she dug into forgotten history, obscure policies and human stories to help make sense of America's weird, complicated and often unequal economy. She’s covered the legacy of welfare reform, low-wage work, the war on drugs, and the gentrification of cities. She’s interested in the intersection of public policy, money, and people, and how those forces come together to create parts of our world that can seem inevitable but have very specific origin stories.

Krissy has reported for “99% Invisible,” Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting, Slate, Freakonomics, NPR, the BBC and High Country News. Her investigation into welfare funding was featured on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”  Her reporting has been referenced in legislative hearings, and written about in outlets including the Washington Post, The Guardian, and New York Magazine. She has guest lectured at the USC journalism program, the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and City College in New York. She has produced audio tours for StoryCorps, and her location-based storytelling projects have been exhibited at the New Museum’s Ideas City Festival.

She won two Gracies for best investigative report and best reporter, has been a finalist for a Loeb award, a Livingston Award, a Third Coast International Audio Festival award, and a nominee for a James Beard award for food journalism. She’s been on teams that received an IRE (Investigative Reporters and Editors) Medal, a Scripps-Howard award, a Webby, a First Prize in Investigative Reporting from the National Awards for Education Reporting, and awards from the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing.

Krissy grew up in northern California. She has a degree in the humanities from Yale University and was a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University.

Latest Stories (122)

Why do welfare funds go to marriage counseling?

May 31, 2016
Our new podcast, "The Uncertain Hour" looks at the sometimes surprising places welfare cash ends up.
Instructors Cynthia Rayford and Scott Roby conduct a marriage counseling class in Oklahoma. 
Krissy Clark

Twenty years after welfare reform, we return to West Virginia

Josephine Moore faced the "end of welfare as we knew it." Now, she's treading water.
Josephine Moore (right) at home in Kermit, West Virginia, with her daughter, Carolina, and grandson, Latham. 
Krissy Clark/Marketplace

York & Fig: Confessions of an ambivalent landlord

Sep 22, 2015
A real estate investor asks herself if she can be socially responsible in an up-and-coming neighborhood.

A satirical spin on gentrification in New York

Sep 21, 2015
Two ad guys pitch a message of gentrification at a store in Brooklyn.

La Tropicana thrives in a changing neighborhood

Sep 17, 2015
It's a tale of two customer bases told through dried chiles and gluten-free bread.

Entrepreneur starts over in Highland Park

Aug 25, 2015
A computer repairman confronts losing his home and business.

Highland Park Swap Mall: A Year Later

Aug 20, 2015
The brick building was home to men living on the edge, looking out for each other.

Lowe's takes a magical millennial bus tour

Aug 13, 2015
One of America's biggest retail companies learns about new consumer habits.

Many Marin workers can't afford to live in Marin

Jun 18, 2015
What happens when most of your county's workers can’t afford to live in the county?

The debate against affordable housing in Marin

Jun 11, 2015
Not all Marin County residents have embraced George Lucas' plan to build an affordable housing project.
A canal in Marin County, California
Krissy Clark/Marketplace