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Today MySpace, tomorrow Facebook?

Amy Scott | Jun 25, 2007
MySpace has long had a stranglehold on the online social networking community, but its grip might be loosening as Web trends change and challengers like Facebook come up with new tools to lure users away. Amy Scott reports.
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Brazil stuck on the runway

Dan Grech | Jun 25, 2007
A work slowdown by Brazil's air traffic controllers demanding higher pay and better working conditions has meant lengthy delays for passengers on hundreds of flights. And those are the ones that finally got off the ground. Dan Grech has more.
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BP trying to get its image back online

Stephen Beard | Jun 25, 2007
British oil giant BP plans to restart oil production in Alaska today after cutting some output from its Prudhoe Bay field last week. The leak that sparked the shutdown was tiny, but BP's got more than pipelines to repair. Stephen Beard reports.
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Lessons from Amaranth's collapse

Jeremy Hobson | Jun 25, 2007
The hedge fund lost $6 billion in a single week for placing losing bets on the natural gas market. A study might call for more regulation, but some are warning that investors will look elsewhere. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Buzzword: Moneycard

| Jun 22, 2007
The difference between Wal-Mart and the bank just got smaller.

The best default for your retirement

Tess Vigeland | Jun 22, 2007
The Pension Protection Act passed by Congress last year allows companies to automatically enroll their employees into a 401k. But regulators still have to decide what plans work best. Tess Vigeland talks to Charles Ruffle of
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Be free of your cell phone carrier... for free

Tess Vigeland | Jun 22, 2007
You're unhappy with your current cell phone service and you want to switch to another carrier -- but then you get burned with a $200 fee. Tess Vigeland talks to Janine Kenney of Consumer's Union about how to get out of your contract without a penalty.

You can't always get a full tank

Tess Vigeland | Jun 22, 2007
Just when you thought it was safe to get a quick, full tank of gas, the credit card companies shut you down. Tess Vigeland talks to the Associated Press's Ieva Augstums about how some consumers are finding out that their cards won't let them fill all the way up.

If you have money, they'll know . . .

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Jun 22, 2007
Debt collectors have found a new way to get their cash: an electronic service that lets everyone you owe know when you're making payments. Critics say this could cause things to get ugly. Ashley Milne-Tyte has the story.

There's a lot to like about cash investing

| Jun 22, 2007
In today's low-inflation, rising interest-rate environment, cash investments like CDs and money markets are looking more attractive. Steve Tripoli reports on the quieter side of investing.
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