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Millions of unemployed workers now rely solely on state benefits — and they vary wildly

Aug 3, 2020
There is no federal standard for unemployment benefits, so states create their own rules.
A message on a car window demands a better system for supporting unemployed workers in Florida.
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Could states run out of unemployment insurance funds?

Aug 3, 2020
Federal government loans are helping some states continue paying jobless benefits, and some still feel the effects of the Great Recession.
A view of the New York State Department of Labor.
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Can I file a backdated unemployment claim?

Jul 31, 2020
If you’ve struggled to get through to the unemployment office, you should still be able to file and get weeks or months of back pay.
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$600 weekly benefit did not reduce employment, study finds

Jul 31, 2020
Yale research says there were a lot of reasons people did not go back to work that were more important, like lack of child care or the fear of getting COVID-19.
Some Senate Republicans have argued that the $600 benefit is too much, discouraging people from returning to work. Above, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell walks to the Senate floor on Thursday.
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Months into pandemic, many still not getting unemployment

Jul 29, 2020
Some who have lost jobs because of COVID still have not filed for unemployment benefits, even though they’re eligible.
For every 10 people who successfully filed for unemployment benefits, an April study found that three or four were unable to get through, and two didn’t even try because it was too difficult.
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The pros and cons of extending additional unemployment benefits

Jul 28, 2020
Money in jobless people's pockets can stimulate the economy, but longer unemployment payments could slow a recovery, experts say.
Baristas prepare drinks at a coffee shop in North Carolina. Some say high unemployment benefits are discouraging employees from returning to work during the pandemic.
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Expanded unemployment benefits help small businesses, too

Jul 27, 2020
They have been a lifeline for laid-off workers. They also boost demand and enable businesses to focus on staying afloat.
A hostess at a Miami restaurant waits for customers behind a partition. The expanded unemployment benefits helped small businesses make decisions early in the pandemic.
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Republicans weigh options for pandemic unemployment wage replacement

Jul 24, 2020
One idea for replacing the current $600-a-week benefit is paying workers a percentage of their past wages.
Senate Republicans have delayed introducing a COVID-19 relief bill.
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Gig workers worry about losing federal jobless benefits

Jul 23, 2020
If the $600-a-week pandemic payment disappears, many may have trouble covering their basic expenses.
Gig workers have received unemployment benefits many would not have been entitled to before pandemic assistance began.
Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images