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George Judson

Former Senior Editor


George Judson is the former senior editor of Marketplace’s Sustainability Desk. 

Latest Stories (7)

A note from the editor on 'The non-organic future'

May 6, 2011
Marketplace welcomes comments on its reporting. Ideally - especially on a critical subject such as sustainability - we hope our reporting will sp...

The economy underlies Middle East unrest

Feb 9, 2011
< p>Marketplace reporters Stephen Beard and Alisa Roth traveled to Amman, Jordan, this week to cover the growing discontent in that country a...

Dispatch from China: Polluted Lakefront Property

May 21, 2010
A high-end housing development next to one of China's most polluted lakes is just one example of the country's battle between economic progress and the environment
Only one thing is off about this Dianchi Lake brochure. The water is actually pea green.
Marketplace/George Judson

Dispatch from China: Pandas and the Rural Economy

May 18, 2010
Managing editor George Judson is off to Panda country in China's rural city of Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan Province where poor residents are struggling to keep up with China's roaring economy.
An immature panda at the Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center munches on bamboo in the Giant Panda cub enclosure.
Marketplace/George Judson

Dispatch from China: Powered by Solar

May 14, 2010
A tour of the Hope Solar factory in Beijing reveals a budding business in alternative energy and tough competition for global competitors, especially in the U.S.
Assembly workers stack layers of photovoltaic cells at the Hope Solar factory in Beijing.
Marketplace/George Judson

Dispatch from China: Wrestling with Health care

May 13, 2010
Like the United States, China is wrestling with its health care systems. And party officials are looking to the U.S. for good ideas as they struggle to provide universal primary care for 1.3 billion people, from affluent city dwellers to nomads in poor western provinces.
Our visit to China's Ministry of Health included a candid discussion with Dr. Chen Zhu, the minister of health, who is campaigning for healthcare  reform for the 1.3 billion people in his country.
Marketplace/George Judson