Heck, I'm not sure. But as Jobs talks, I'm going to attempt to update this entry and figure it out.

As I said before, I think what it all might mean to AT&T and people hoping to have good coverage will be significant. But maybe that's because even though I live exactly halfway between the large cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, I often can't get phone coverage on my iPhone.

- 8500 native apps for iPad. 225,000 for iPhone.

- 5 million books for iPad downloaded in 65 days.

- You'll be able to make notes in iPad. Also place bookmarks and read PDFs.

- Jobs defends app store approval process. Not all that convincingly but at least he's talking about it in public. Doesn't seem to be addressing controversial apps.

- Netflix coming to iPhone for free this summer.

- Zynga bringing Farmville to iPhone. Scoff at Farmville at your own peril. It's huge.

- Guitar Hero too. Social/sharing elements being pushed.

- iPhone 4. Looks just like the leaked prototype. Stainless steel all around, glass front. 24% thinner than 3GS. "Integrated antennas for Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, all the cell stuff." - ars technica

- iPhone 4 has 4x the pixel display of 3GS. 326 per inch. Human eye, says Jobs, can only perceive 300 so it won't look like pixels. Brighter and sharper than the 3GS.

- New iPhone is powered by the A4 chip. Same guts as the iPad. Way more battery life as a result.

- Adding a gyroscope for gaming.

- New 5 megapixel camera with better light sensors for low light photography.

- iPhone 4 has built in HD video camera.

- iMovie app for iPhone. Edit movies on same device you shoot them on. Nice editing features. $4.99. Good thing it's not $5.00, that would be a total ripoff.

- Renaming OS4 as iOS4.

- Google stays the default for search, Bing added as an option. Yahoo still there, adorably.

- iBooks coming to iPhone and iPod Touch (oh yeah, iPods exist).

- New iAds platform. Advertisements integrated into apps so users don't get kicked out of app and into browser. Pitched as way for app developers to make money producing free/cheap apps. I can see why app developers would like this. Can't say I dig it as a customer.

- Face Time, a video chat feature. iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, Wifi only.

- iPhone 4 - $199 for 16gb, $299 for 32gb. On sale June 24.

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