John Moe

Host, Marketplace Tech Report


John Moe is the host of Marketplace Tech Report and handles web content for the program.  Every day, he provides an insightful overview of the latest tech news using his witty and approachable style of reporting. 

Moe began working for Marketplace in May 2010, when he took over hosting Future Tense, which became Marketplace Tech Report four months later.

Before joining Marketplace, he hosted Weekend America and hosted and produced programs at KUOW, the public radio station in Seattle.  Prior to working in public radio, he was a senior editor at

Moe has lived most of his life in Seattle, a perfect location to feed his long-standing fascination with technology.  Over the years he has worked on projects for Microsoft and has even wrote scripts for video games. 

Moe holds a bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Arts from Whitman College, but because he gained such a broad education at the small liberal arts college, he considers himself a degree-holder in the school of “Being Curious.”

Moe is currently based in St. Paul, Minn. and enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife and three kids.  He is a widely published author, often focused on humor writings, and is the host of Wits™, a stage and radio series based out of the historic Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul.

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