Putin pledges $52 bil. to boost births

Apr 21, 2011
The Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has promised to increase Russia's flagging birthrate by 30 percent, as Peter Van Dyk explains.
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Is Russia cracking down on the Internet?

Apr 13, 2011
Last week, we reported on the outage of blogging site Live Journal that left President Dmitry Medvedev miffed. This week, Reuters is reporting that...
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Court ruling freezes a major BP oil deal

Mar 25, 2011
BP can't proceed towards a planned partnership with the Russian oil firm Rosneft. The Russian deal was supposed to be a way forward fr the company, following the Gulf of Mexico spill.
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Russia looks to beef up its cattle industry

Mar 25, 2011
Russians eat less than half as much beef as Americans. But a Montana rancher is trying to rope in more business by setting up shop in Russia.
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The Addiction Economy: Russia's illnesses come with high costs

Mar 16, 2011
Russia's low birth rate and high death rate may have huge consequences for its economic prospects. So the government is taking action.
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Guinea Pig Nation: Russia's booming business in clinical trials

Mar 9, 2011
Pharmaceutical companies are flocking to the country to test their drugs. Participants are plentiful and trials move more quickly than in the West.
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MID-DAY UPDATE: Gary Locke expected to be new U.S. Ambassador to China, Oil prices fall on OPEC discussions

Mar 8, 2011
Today President Obama is expected to nominate Commerce Secretary Gary Locke to be the new U.S. Ambassador to China. He'd be the first Chinese-Ame...
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'Reset button' with Russia benefits U.S. business

Mar 8, 2011
It's been two years since President Obama enacted a symbolic "reset" in relations with Russia. The gesture may have helped political relations, but business relations with Russia have surged, too.
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The killer cure for alcoholism in Russia

Mar 3, 2011
Alcoholism is costing Russian society and the Russian economy billions in lost income and lost lives every year. From Moscow comes the tale of a tiny pill that's scaring Russians into giving up the alcohol that's killing them.
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