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Justice Dept. takes steps to block AT&T, T-mobile merger

Aug 31, 2011
In a major anti-trust action, the Justice Department this morning filed a suit to stop the AT&T, T-mobile merger months in the making.
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Hulu sale looks imminent

Aug 24, 2011
Bids from companies like Google, Amazon, Yahoo and DirecTV are expected. So what will a new owner get?
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Australian beer brewer Fosters rejects takeover offer

Aug 18, 2011
The beer brewer turns down another offer from the maker of Coors and Miller Light, claiming the price was too low.
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Stumbling stock markets no obstacle for AT&T deal

Aug 16, 2011
The market decline is making some mergers more attractive. But both AT&T and T-Mobile already have such big incentives to strike a deal that fluctuating markets should have little effect on them.
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After volatile week, corporate mergers resume

Aug 15, 2011
Stock markets shift from "Manic Monday" to "Merger Monday" as companies swoop in on rivals to expand. Is this a sign of economic optimism?
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Kraft Foods slices itself into two companies

Aug 4, 2011
Kraft will split into separate snack and food companies. It's the latest conglomerate to decide that bigger isn't necessarily better
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AT&T presses its case for merger

Jul 25, 2011
The giant phone company delivers more data to the Federal Communications Commission to support its argument that a merger with T-Mobile will improve service and even cut costs for consumers.
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Murdoch's hacking scandal spreads to U.S.

Jul 13, 2011
News Corp.'s takeover of British Sky Broadcasting is looking less and less likely as the News of the World's cell phone hacking scandal deepens. And now U.S. lawmakers want to look into Murdoch properties in America.
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Media tycoon's bid for U.K. broadcaster delayed

Jul 11, 2011
Britain's government has referred Rupert Murdoch's bid to take full ownership of British broadcasting company BSkyB to its competition watchdog.
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AT&T-T-Mobile merger faces potential opposition

May 31, 2011
If the merger is approved, AT&T and T-Mobile will form the largest carrier in the cell phone service market. While some customers may be pleased by the better coverage the two can provide, others -- like competitor Sprint -- are not as happy.
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