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E.U. backs AMR, BA merger

Jul 14, 2010
An E.U. decision means British Airways and American Airlines will function as one on their trans-Atlantic routes.
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Hef wants all the bunnies for himself

Jul 12, 2010
The ever-smoking jacketed Hugh Hefner wants to take Playboy Enterprises, Inc. private, in hopes to better navigate the company through a dicey publishing industry and increase its merchandising, without worrying about shareholders.
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What Prudential will still pay for AIG break-up

Jun 7, 2010
Prudential executives are meeting with AIG shareholders today to explain why the company backed out of a deal for which it already paid over $600 million.
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AIG's rejection of AIA offer postpones bailout payback

Jun 1, 2010
AIG rejects Prudential's $30 billion counter-offer for AIA and ultimately postpones paying back U.S. taxpayers $132 billion.
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United, Continental testify in Senate on merger

May 27, 2010
Continental and United CEOs are testifying before the Senate committee on the merger between Continental and United.
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Reform may consolidate home care

May 25, 2010
Home health and hospice provider Gentiva plans to acquire Odyssey. That merger would create one of the largest hospice companies in the U.S. Gregory Warner reports.
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GM, Google talk merging Android, OnStar

May 14, 2010
General Motors is in talks to merge Google's smartphone operating system with its OnStar network. The new technology would allow drivers to use their phones to start the engine or keep up with maintenance. Janet Babin reports.
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Why the rental car market is so exciting

May 6, 2010
Avis has joined Hertz in the race to buy Dollar Thrifty. The rental car industry is anticipating a better travel market this summer, and Thrifty would provide an in to the tourist sector. Alisa Roth reports.
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United, Continental officially merging

May 3, 2010
The merger of the two carriers will create the world's largest airline in a deal worth over $3 billion. Brett Neely reports.
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United, Continental Airlines to merge

Apr 30, 2010
United and Continental Airlines have been talking about a merger for years, and now they could officially join forces as soon as Monday. The deal would create the world's biggest carrier. Jennifer Collins reports.
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