PrivacyVille Helps all you PeopleVille learn some SkillzVille

Jul 8, 2011
Zynga is launching a new privacy initiative called PrivacyVille that is a "game-like tutorial that rewards players with the company's virtual...
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New York City as a Risk board

Jun 29, 2011
No jokes please about New York always having an element of Risk. A group of hackers (the fun kind, not the steal your credit card kind) have...
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SCOTUS rules against California in landmark game case

Jun 27, 2011
The Supreme Court ruled against the state of California today in a case called Brown vs. EMA, formerly known as Schwarzenegger vs. EMA. At issue...
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Jamestown: your average Sir Walter Raleigh on Mars video game

Jun 24, 2011
On today's show, we talk to Ars Technica's Ben Kuchera about a game that's highly atypical and, according to Ben, a lot of fun. It's called...
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JK Rowling reveals a magical new place for her to make money

Jun 23, 2011
Okay, that's the cynical take on Pottermore, the new website announced by the Harry Potter author. It won't officially debut until October 31st, a...
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SIr Mix-a-Lot has a new Facebook game app

Jun 22, 2011
See? I made it all the way through that headline without making a pun about Baby Got Back....
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LulzSec plays DJ, takes requests

Jun 15, 2011
On today's MTR, we talk about the emerging hacker group known as LulzSec, which recently hacked into the US Senate website after previous attacks ...
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Passage: Less a video game than a poignant rumination on mortality

May 18, 2011
One of the games we talk about on our May 19th show is Passage. I was glad that our guest, John Sharp, brought it up because I think it's one of...
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Michael Vick and Humane Society criticize dog fighting app

Apr 26, 2011
There's a spirit-breakingly awful game on the Android app store called Dog Wars. In it, you train your dog to be a champion fighter and kill all...
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Wii 2 on the way

Apr 15, 2011
A ton of sites are citing multiple sources as saying that the next edition of the Wii is on the way and will be announced at this summer's E3 gami...
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