Chevron refinery fire hits oil market

Aug 7, 2012
A major refinery for Chevron caught fire in California last night. The fire in Richmond, outside of San Francisco, has been extinguished, but the fire could be bad news for drivers across the West, because one less refinery online is likely to mean higher gas prices.
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Oil refinery catches fire in Northern California

Aug 7, 2012
A major refinery for Chevron caught fire in California last night. The fire has been contained, but it's still burning. And one less refinery won't be any help for already high gas prices.
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The lessons of losing everything

Jun 29, 2012
A couple who lost almost everything in the Colorado wildfire talks about how they prepared for a natural disaster and how they keep a positive attitude.
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What would you take from your burning house?

Jun 29, 2012
If your home was suddenly ablaze, what would you save from the flames? A photographer, who collects photos of people's "burning house" possessions, talks about what people's choices say about them.
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Mega-wildfires spark costly decisions

Jun 4, 2012
Southwest forest fires are getting bigger and more costly, which means officials have to decide which blazes they can afford to fight.
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High Volt-age

Dec 2, 2011
Catching fire is not a desired quality in a car. Not like undercoating.
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Nook Tablet launches

Nov 7, 2011
As expected, Barnes & Noble (motto: The Chain Book Store That Still Exists For Now) has debuted the next generation of its Nook reader. And as...
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Use your Kindle for kindling

Oct 21, 2011
Amazon just announced it will accept your old Kindle as a trade in for anything on their site (a Fire mayhaps?). So now all you e-Ink-ers who are...
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Kindle Fire gets a jab

Oct 3, 2011
On Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update segment, Seth Meyers mentioned the Kindle Fire, the $199 tablet computer Amazon introduced last week. "It's...
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Wait, what's up with Silk?

Sep 29, 2011
The big news of the Kindle Fire announcement was the price point. $199 ridiculous dollars for something that doesn't offer nearly the power and...
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