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Five years later: What it was like when Lehman came tumbling down

Sep 11, 2013
An inside perspective from a former Lehman executive who left Wall Street for good.
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Five years after the financial crash: A live discussion

Sep 10, 2013
Chat live with Kai Ryssdal and other journalists about where we are now after the crash.
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S&P says U.S. lawsuit is based in bitterness

Sep 4, 2013
As the three main credit-rating agencies try to restore their credibility after the financial crisis, we ask: Why is S&P different?
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Five years after the Bear Stearns collapse, where are they now?

Aug 1, 2013
The Center for Public Integrity took at look at a handful of senior people at the now defunct investment bank Bear Stearns and found they are now very gainfully employed elsewhere in the financial services industry.
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Fabrice Tourre is fabulous, but why is he so lonely?

Jul 15, 2013
Fabrice Tourre, who dubbed himself “Fabulous Fab” back when he was a Goldman Sachs trader, went on trial Monday for alleged fraud during the financial crisis.
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Financial crisis profit-taking winds down -- for some

Jun 25, 2013
The layoffs at law firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges show that some companies face a crisis now that the business of cleaning up the financial crisis is over.
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Justice Department sues S&P over securities ratings

Feb 5, 2013
In a lawsuit filed late Monday, the U.S. Department of Justice claims the credit rating firm Standard & Poor’s knew some $4 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities were risky.
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Financial crisis fallout: Justice Department set to charge S&P

Feb 4, 2013
Reports say the U.S. Department of Justice is preparing to bring civil charges against the credit ratings agency Standard & Poor's for their part in the financial crisis of 2008. Better late than never?
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Short on tax revenue, Atlanta counties sue HSBC

Jan 28, 2013
The housing crash not only touched off a wave of foreclosures, it torpedoed property values and the taxes cities and counties collect off them. But some localities are fighting back in an effort to reverse their budget shortfalls.
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Bank regulators loosen up on liquidity rule

Jan 7, 2013
Regulators in Basel have decided riskier assets can be used as part of a bank's emergency buffer.
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