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A UPS worker delivers packages in Chicago.

Brash new competitor challenges Amazon

Jul 23, 2015 pledges to beat the online retailer's prices using a membership model.
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Gas Prices

Inflation: A 'sweet spot' for consumer prices

Jul 22, 2014
The latest inflation numbers show prices are not too hot and not too cold.
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An Uber expensive ride

Dec 19, 2013
Uber upset riders with a spike in service costs during a high-demand weekend.
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Consumer Price Index drops, inflation under control

Dec 14, 2012
Turns out consumers got an early gift for the holidays last month. The Labor Department reported this morning that its Consumer Price Index dropped 0.3 percent in November. So, inflation is well under control. That’s good news for the Federal Reserve.
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The money illusion

Mar 16, 2012
Professor Stephen J. Rose says it's not about how much things cost, but how much they cost relatively.
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How higher prices hit American consumers

Mar 16, 2012
Consumer Prices are one place where the economy comes down to earth and hits us square in the wallet -- and that's what happened in February according to the Consumer Price Index.
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Consumer Price Index bumps up, gas prices to blame

Mar 16, 2012
Consumer prices rose by the most in 10 months in February, and rising gas prices were to blame for most of that change.
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Consumer prices rise the most in 10 months

Mar 16, 2012
The four-tenths percent rise in consumer prices was largely due to gasoline prices. But inflation remains tame. That's something the Federal Reserve works hard to preserve because of bad memories from another time.
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Good news on inflation

Dec 16, 2011
Lower energy costs kept November's Consumer Price Index flat, a good sign for the U.S. economy.
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Report: U.S. cattle herd shrinks to smallest size since 1958

Jan 28, 2011
Americans soon could be crying 'Where's the beef?' -- until the cows come home. Cattle herd may be the next casualty of the struggling U.S. econ...
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