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Microsoft acquires Nokia in a $7.2 billion deal that aims to make Microsoft a player in the mobile-phone market. Next, after two years of radiation leaks, Japan steps in to get the worsening Fukushima disaster under control. What will nearly $500 million buy? One possibility is a wall of ice that will seal the reactors and their contaminated water from the ocean. And finally, Samsung goes all Dick Tracy.

'Instructions Not Included': A blueprint for box office success?

Hollywood's relationship with the Latino market has always been hit or miss. This weekend, one movie bucked the trend.
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Who provides Syria's poison gas?

A number of European nations provided Syria with the materials needed to make its poison gas. Many of these materials have innocent uses, however. Even so, rules about exports are stricter now though than previously.
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What would life be like without a cell phone?

Gary Sernovitz is the managing director of the investment firm Lime Rock Partners. And he doesn't have a cell phone.
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States divert foreclosure prevention money to demolitions

The Treasury Department has changed the rules on a program meant to help people hit by the housing crisis stay in their homes, allowing states to use some money from the $7.6 billion foreclosure prevention program to demolish homes instead.
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Why having "too little" can focus the mind

Harvard economist Sendhil Mullainathan has written a book called, "Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much."
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Japan's latest Fukushima fix: 'Game of Thrones'-like?

Japan's latest response to the Fukushima radiation leak sounds like science fiction: A wall of ice. Ice walls are common in tunneling; it's the radiation that makes this job different.
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When can I buy a smartwatch from Samsung?

The next generation in mobile technology development: It's all in the wrist.
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Microsoft's Nokia deal: Modeled on Apple comeback?

Microsoft acquires Nokia in a $7.2 billion deal that aims to make Microsoft a player in the mobile-phone market.
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Would you pay for a tweet to complain about bad service?

British Airways lost his luggage; he took to Twitter to vent about it. And then targeted tweets to British Airways' thousands of followers.
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