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Kate Davidson

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Navigating new sales tax rules in the era of online shopping

Sep 19, 2019
Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court re-wrote the rules of sales tax collection. Now, a group of senators want to intervene.
Inventory at the Made in Oregon warehouse in Portland, Oregon, July 24, 2019. The company is now collecting sales tax for online sales in at least 11 other states.
Kate Davidson/Marketplace

The new common ground for Congress: trade

Nov 5, 2014
More on the two major trade deals being negotiated by the Obama Administration.

Crude oil gets cheaper...again

Nov 4, 2014
Why the world’s largest oil exporter cut prices for crude oil sold to the U.S.

The biggest smartphone maker you've never heard of

Oct 30, 2014
Xiaomi is outselling Samsung and Apple in China.

In-flight entertainment's future may be on your tablet

Oct 30, 2014
BYOD: Bring your own device.

Rocket explosion puts focus on private sector's role in space

Oct 29, 2014
Companies like Orbital Sciences and SpaceX ferry cargo to the International Space Station for NASA. Many are wondering about the scale of this business.

Fed set to end its bond buying

Oct 28, 2014
But it will still keep its foot on the gas.

In Botswana, all eyes are on the election

Oct 24, 2014
The victor must diversify the diamond-rich economy to ensure continued growth.

Why a travel ban is so tough to pull off

Oct 17, 2014
Calls for banning travel from West African nations hit by Ebola grew louder.

A push to hire the long-term unemployed

Oct 16, 2014
One company’s approach: Forget resumes. Turn to videos.