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Despite holding elections over the weekend, no new government has formed in Greece. That's putting the future of its bailout in jeopardy. Here in the U.S., mortgage delinquencies are down. We look at how banks are faring adopting the mortgage settlement rules. The CEO of Charles Schwab discusses the mindset of today's investors. And unlimited data plans, unlimited airline miles, lifetime subscriptions -- is the all-you-can-eat model not a good one for companies?

Banks try to adopt mortgage settlement rules

The big 49-state deal on mortgages was supposed to help clear the foreclosure backlog. So how are the banks faring now?
Posted In: Housing, Bank of America, mortgage settlement

Is the all-you-can-eat model ever a good idea?

Unlimited data plans, unlimited airline miles, all-you-can eat buffets -- looking at the logic (or lack of) behind companies that launch all-you-can-eat plans.
Posted In: unlimited, all-you-can-eat, AT&T, American Airlines, consumers

No new government yet for Greece puts future in doubt

Though Greece held elections over the weekend, a new government hasn't formed. Nick Malkoutzis with the Greek newspaper Kathimerini discusses the uncertainty surrounding the nation.
Posted In: Greece, greek bailout

Are more investors staying on the sidelines?

Charles Schwab CEO Walt Bettinger discusses how the investors mindset has fundamentally shifted since the financial crisis and whether investors should be worried about Europe.
Posted In: investors, Investing, market volatility

Mortgage delinquencies down

Credit reporting agency TransUnion says the percentage of people behind on their mortgages is down to its lowest level since 2009.
Posted In: Housing, mortgage

Markets worry as Greece struggles to form government

Once again investors are focusing on Greece as the nation tries to form a coalition government. It looks like more turmoil is on the horizon.
Posted In: Greece, greek bailout, Greek debt

N.C. gay marriage ban: Bad for business?

Some North Carolina business owners worry the marriage amendment will be costly.
Posted In: North Carolina, gay marriage

Consumers still spending despite economic worries

Kate Warne, investment strategist at Edward Jones, discusses why profits are up at Macy's given all the things weighing on consumers, and the latest earnings from Toyota and Disney.
Posted In: disney, Toyota, Macy's, Earnings

Post Office decides to keep small posts running

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe discusses why the Post Office decided to change a plan to shut down hundreds of rural post offices, the new plan he's proposing, and how much money it will save.
Posted In: Postal Service, U.S. Postal Service, post office

PODCAST: An uncertain future for Greece, Post Office keeps rural posts open

Turmoil surrounds Greece as the nation remains without a new government. Profits are up at Disney, Toyota, and Macy's. In housing news, mortgage delinquencies are down. We take a look at how banks are adopting the mortgage settlement rules. The Post Office holds back on more closures. And do you like the all-you-can-eat business model? Well, David Lazarus of the L.A. Times says those plans aren't really good for business.

Study: More consumers using public spaces as work spaces

Have you gone to a cafe and found there are no seats left because people are using tables as their work spaces? We speak with Merlyn Griffiths from UNC Greensboro about a study she conducted on this phenomenon.
Posted In: cafe, consumer, consumer behavior

Portugal cuts four public holidays to trim budget

The Portuguese government announced plans to abolish four national holiday to help ease that country's debt crisis.
Posted In: Portugal, Europe debt crisis

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