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Ted Thompson

The Transaction: a silver promise

A necklace with a comforting message
Posted In: transaction, jewelry, family

The Transaction: The right price

The love and heartbreak of a musician's first guitar.
Posted In: guitars

The Transaction: Christmas dinner, a broken range and an unexpected miracle

Marketplace listener Vivian Simonsen-Jupp of Henderson, Nevada was excited to have everyone in her family home for Christmas for the first time in years.
Posted In: transaction, oven

Edwin Land: "The original Steve Jobs"

The name Edwin Land may mean nothing to you, but to Steve Jobs he's a hero.
Posted In: kodak, steve jobs, polaroid

We have some catching up to do on cyber-security

Marc Goodman's book "Future Crimes" is about what's coming. And it ain't pretty.
Posted In: cybersecurity, hack, hackers

How a humble stray dog helped launch Instagram

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom on his company's short history and bright future.
Posted In: instagram, photography, startup

The logistical mind behind "Boyhood's" 12-year shoot

Meet Vince Palmo, the unsung hero of the Oscar-nominated film.
Posted In: Boyhood, Richard Linklater, academy awards
David Cross at the New Yorker Festival, 2011.

David Cross releases film on 'pay what you want' basis

"Hits" premieres on BitTorrent, the service known for piracy.
Posted In: film, film industry, kickstarter, bittorrent
Chickens on a farm north of Cairo.

12 crazy facts about chickens, and then some

At any one time, 20 billion chickens are alive and squawking on our planet.
Posted In: chickens, Vatican, farms, livestock

Plucky pitch that made Ed Burns take off in Hollywood

A rough cut, Robert Redford and a production assistant with moxie.
Posted In: Ed Burns, McMullen, sundance


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