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Interest rates are rising, commodities falling

Stephen Beard | Jun 8, 2006
The Fed's not the only one worried about inflation. Seven central banks raised short-term interest rates this week. Those jitters are shaking confidence in commodities too. Stephen Beard reports from London.
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Wendy's gets leaner

Helen Palmer | Jun 8, 2006
The No. 3 US fast-food chain announced it's switching cooking oil to significantly reduce trans-fats in french fries and chicken items. But will customers like it? Helen Palmer reports.
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The skinny on Motorola's success

Kai Ryssdal | Jun 8, 2006
Motorola was down on its luck until the Razr cell phone helped turn things around. Host Kai Ryssdal speaks to Fortune magazine writer Adam Lashinsky about how Moto found its mojo — and what's next.
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No pre-nup? Try a <i>post</i>-nuptial

Hilary Wicai | Jun 8, 2006
June is the unofficial start of wedding season. One problem that often besets married couples is arguing about money. But there's a new tool to help them get back to happily ever after &mdash; a post-nuptial agreement. Hillary Wicai reports.

Internet's future in hands of Congress

John Dimsdale | Jun 8, 2006
Congress is set to vote tomorrow on a telecom bill that could have big implications for how the Internet works. It's setting up a big fight: phone and cable companies on one side &mdash; Internet firms on the other. John Dimsdale reports.
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'How cheap can these guys be?'

| Jun 8, 2006
The Senate won't hold hearings on the NSA's alleged purchase of millions of domestic calling records from US phone companies. But commentator Austan Goolsbee says consumers are owed an explanation &mdash; and more.
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Taking the wealth home

Miranda Kennedy | Jun 8, 2006
Pakistan's economy has been booming since 9/11. The reason? Many wealthy Pakistanis living abroad chose to return fearing harassment abroad. Miranda Kennedy reports from Islamabad.
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Bernanke, inflation and the markets

Scott Jagow | Jun 8, 2006
Personal finance expert Chris Farrell and host Scott Jagow discuss the market's reaction to recent comments by Fed chief Ben Bernanke on inflation.

US soccer headed to new heights?

| Jun 8, 2006
Business of sports expert David Carter and host Mark Austin Thomas discuss how the World Cup soccer tournament could spark greater interest in US professional soccer.
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Al-Zarqawi death drops oil prices

Stephen Beard | Jun 8, 2006
Oil prices dropped below $70 a barrel today after US-led airstrike yesterday killed al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq. Oil exports there have been the constant target of sabotage. Stephen Beard reports.
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