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Economic roses

Kai Ryssdal | Jun 2, 2006
President Bush says the economy is on the right track. So why aren't ordinary people feeling any rosier?'s Paul Maidment talks with Kai.
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Real estate report

| Jun 2, 2006
What's the outlook for the housing market? Will buyers sing the blues? Or will sellers offer more for less? Ellen McGirt takes us inside the pages of Money Magazine's special real estate issue.
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A (campus) living wage

| Jun 2, 2006
The cost of college education continues to rise. But the wages for many campus workers are barely above the minimum wage. That's sparked a battle at one elite campus. Martha Woodroof reports.

The whole nine yards

Jeff Tyler | Jun 2, 2006
Some folks fawn over their yard like it's a member of the family. In fact, Americans spend millions to grow the perfect blade. Jeff Tyler reports.

World Cup mania

Scott Jagow | Jun 2, 2006
Business of sports commentator Diana Nyad talks to host Scott Jagow about advertisers and the world's biggest sporting event.
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Do movie reviews matter anymore?

| Jun 2, 2006
Daily Variety editor Michael Speier and host Mark Austin Thomas take a look at the influence of picks and pans.

Employment figures weaker than expected

Hilary Wicai | Jun 2, 2006
The US unemployment rate hasn't been this low in five years, but wages grew at a slower pace and the hiring rate declined too. Is the economy cooling? Hillary Wicai reports.
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NYSE, Euronext deal

Bob Moon | Jun 2, 2006
The Big Board has reached a deal to merge with Euronext to create the first trans-Atlantic stock exchange. Bob Moon has more.
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Wal-Mart shareholders meet

John Dimsdale | Jun 2, 2006
Dissident shareholders put forth a slate of provocative corporate governance resolutions at today's annual meeting. John Dimsdale has the details.

Mortgage rates hit four-year high

Hilary Wicai | Jun 2, 2006
Hillary Wicai reports the higher lending fees could trigger procrastinating home-owners to refinance.
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