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Luggage tax

| Feb 8, 2006
Commentator Rudy Maxa warns air travelers that a European experiment in charging fees to check luggage could be headed for the United States.

Google Desktop?

Stacey Vanek Smith | Feb 8, 2006
Google's taken a shot at Microsoft's dominance of the software market with the search engine's announcement that it was working with Dell to offer Google-powered desktop software on new computers. Stacey Vanek-Smith has more.

Growth slows in consumer debt

Tess Vigeland | Feb 8, 2006
The rate of consumer borrowing last year grew at its lowest rate in 13 years, according to a newly released report from the Federal Reserve. Tess Vigeland takes a look at what's behind the numbers.
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India's commercial real estate boom

Miranda Kennedy | Feb 8, 2006
Investors are increasingly eyeing commercial real estate opportunities in India. Miranda Kennedy has more.

Toll Brothers grim?

Alisa Roth | Feb 8, 2006
The luxury homebuilder predicts orders for new homes will fall by almost 30% this quarter. With this and other glum real estate predictions recently, what's the outlook for home prices? Alisa Roth takes a look.
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Janet Babin | Feb 8, 2006
The online auction service has set its sights on Europe. But as Janet Babin reports, the Old World has some obstacles that might limit eBay's growth there.

Retail revolt

Jeff Tyler | Feb 8, 2006
A national retail group has challenged a new Maryland law that requires large employers like Wal-Mart to provide health coverage for workers. Jeff Tyler has more.

Fuel wars at Heathrow

Stephen Beard | Feb 8, 2006
Pricey jet fuel could cause an international incident at the world's third-largest airport. London's Heathrow Airport lost a third of its fuel reserves from a fire in December. Now United Airlines and American Air are upset with airport authorities as they stockpile more gas. Stephen Beard reports from London on the preferential treatment British carriers are getting.

Ford makes employees an offer

Janet Babin | Feb 8, 2006
Yesterday GM announced major pay and benefit cuts. Now Ford is offering a buyout deal to workers. It sounds hard to refuse: Lots of cash up front, IF you forfeit your benefits. That's one of the choices the Ford plant workers could be sifting through as the company moves forward with its restructuring plans. Janet Babin reports.

GM feels the cuts

| Feb 7, 2006
General Motors announced today it's cutting its yearly dividend in half and reducing the salaries of its chairman and senior leadership team. Cheryl Glaser speaks to the New York Times' Micheline Maynard about the pressure the company is under.