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Blame it on Mojitos

Janet Babin | Nov 30, 2006
U.S. rum sales are on fire this year, and that's raised the stakes in the trademark dispute over a storied rum from Cuba. Janet Babin reports.

Don't shut Turkey out

Diantha Parker | Nov 30, 2006
Talks to consider Turkey's admission to the EU have stalled. Commentator Reza Aslan says an alliance with the moderate Muslim country can only help ease tensions of the Islamophobia sweeping across Europe.

Trapped in financial quicksand

| Nov 30, 2006
For millions of Americans, making it from paycheck to paycheck is a stretch. Many resort to payday loans to cover expenses — and end up trapped in debt, says a study out today. Diantha Parker reports.

Working for a living . . . and the dying

Gretchen Wilson | Nov 30, 2006
So many people are dying of HIV/AIDS in South Africa that funerals are a constant. Hundreds every weekend. For South African women, preparations have turned into a second full-time job. Gretchen Wilson reports.
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Social Security ripe for compromise

Scott Jagow | Nov 30, 2006
Can the new Democratic Congress and Republican White House work together? Maybe. And Marketplace economics correspondent Chris Farrell believes Social Security reform could be the place to start.

Versatile, practical and now fashionable . . .cork

Janet Babin | Nov 30, 2006
Cork is starting to stop up the fashion, accessories and flooring markets. The natural material benefits producers and, as it turns out, the environment. Janet Babin reports.

Dollar takes a pounding

Stephen Beard | Nov 30, 2006
The U.S. dollar has fallen to a 14-year low against the British pound — and wouldn't you know it, housing is a culprit. Stephen Beard explains.
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Vista unveiled

Lisa Napoli | Nov 30, 2006
Microsoft takes the wraps off its long-awaited Vista operating system at the NASDAQ this morning. But if you want it for your home computer you'll have to wait, Lisa Napoli reports.
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'Paulson Group' releases findings

Hilary Wicai | Nov 30, 2006
The group of business leaders and academics released a report this morning. It says post-Enron regulations are hiking the cost of doing business in the U.S. and hurting American competitiveness. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Jobs aboard

Brian Watt | Nov 30, 2006
Looking for a career that pays pretty well and keeps you moving? The railroad business is looking for you. Brian Watt has details.
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