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Big Three continue to shrink

Stacey Vanek Smith | Aug 2, 2006
US automakers are banking on the appeal of smaller SUV cross-over vehicles in an effort to avoid disappointing sales figures like those released yesterday. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Another wave of Cubans?

Dan Grech | Aug 2, 2006
Cuba's government says Fidel Castro is in stable condition this morning, but if he dies, there could be another exodus of Cubans to Miami. Dan Grech takes a look at the economic impacts from past inflows of Cuban exiles.
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High-priced OJ

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Aug 2, 2006
Orange juice futures hit a 15-year high yesterday. Ashley Milne-Tyte looks at why.

Dissatisfied with Medicare Part D

Helen Palmer | Aug 2, 2006
A new survey shows 70 percent of users are dissatisfied with the government's Medicare Part D program. Helen Palmer reports.
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Bribes weaken China's defense budget

Jocelyn Ford | Aug 2, 2006
Chinese army inspectors have launched a campaign against corruption that's eating up about $36 billion from the country's growing defense budget this year. Jocelyn Ford reports.
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Rolling Stones got their shelter

Stephen Beard | Aug 2, 2006
Details of the Rolling Stones' financial affairs have just been made public, and they reveal a shockingly low tax bill, Stephen Beard reports.
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Rebuilding in Iraq hampered by waste, corruption

Amy Scott | Aug 2, 2006
A government watchdog says widespread corruption and a lack of coordination is hampering reconstruction in Iraq. A Special Inspector General is set to testify today before a Senate committee. Amy Scott reports.
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Cuba without Castro

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 1, 2006
Cuban leader Fidel Castro has temporarily ceded power to his brother, Raoul. Should Castro step down from power, what will a new Cuba look like? Host Kai Ryssdal speaks to Cuban economic expert Daniel Erikson.
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Are offshore tax shelters fraud — or just shady?

Scott Tong | Aug 1, 2006
A Senate report released today finds that more and more extremely wealthy taxpayers are hiding their money in offshore accounts. But is it fraud? Scott Tong reports.
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Picture keeps getting worse at Kodak

Hilary Wicai | Aug 1, 2006
Once the granddaddy of all things celluloid, Kodak today posted its seventh straight losing quarter. It also announced it's cutting another 2,000 jobs. Hillary Wicai looks at the company's rocky road to financial recovery.