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Volatility on Wall Street

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 13, 2007
Several factors came together today, sending the Dow down 242.66. Kai Ryssdal checks in with economist Diane Swonk to get her view on the market's drop.
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Old media sues new media

Lisa Napoli | Mar 13, 2007
Media conglomerate Viacom has sued Google and YouTube for a cool billion dollars, complaining about what it calls YouTube's brazen disregard for intellectual property law. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Channel and Web surfing from the same couch?

Janet Babin | Mar 13, 2007
Google and Microsoft want the federal government to approve a device that would make the Internet available over your TV. Broadcasters aren't pleased about that. Janet Babin reports.

Hard targets on climate change

Stephen Beard | Mar 13, 2007
A bill unveiled in Britain today would commit the government to cutting carbon emissions by 60 percent by the middle of the century. Stephen Beard reports.

Paulson gets some high-priced analysis

| Mar 13, 2007
Treasury Secy. Henry Paulson's worried that too many rules are costing American businesses too much money. He asked a gathering of top business leaders today what they thought. Pat Loeb reports.
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Sedaris, Leno, watch your backs

Rico Gagliano | Mar 13, 2007
Rico Gagliano of the Marketplace Players says if he could apply the same policy to humor that Treasury Secy. Paulson is advocating for business, it would make him more competitive, too.

Consumers are at the switch

| Mar 13, 2007
Governments in the U.S. and elsewhere are considering phasing out incandescent lights in favor of flourescents to save energy. Commentator Tom McNichol says, in the process, the emphasis should be on consumer priorities.

Could the economy become subprime?

Kai Ryssdal and Tess Vigeland | Mar 13, 2007
Subprime lenders are in trouble. Foreclosures are up. Marketplace's Tess Vigeland talks with Kai Ryssdal about why that matters for the larger housing market and the whole economy.

Mending fences, not building them

Dan Grech | Mar 13, 2007
President Bush is in Mexico, meeting with President Felipe Calderon. Their conversation's turned to immigration reform and trying to keep Mexican workers at home. Dan Grech reports.
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A small price to pay for security

| Mar 13, 2007
Mexican insurance companies are getting into the microfinance market. And Jordana Gustafson reports from Puebla, Mexico, that micro-insurance could be coming soon.
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