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Jaguar for sale?

Stephen Beard | Aug 3, 2006
Speculation is growing in the UK that Ford may put its luxury sports car company Jaguar up for sale. From London, Stephen Beard has the story.
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Sprint-Nextel anniversary

Lisa Napoli | Aug 3, 2006
Nearly a year into the marriage of the two telecom giants, Lisa Napoli takes a look at the state of the union.

Pesticide debate

Sam Eaton | Aug 3, 2006
The EPA has until today to complete a review over the use of controversial pesticides banned in other countries. Sam Eaton looks at who stands to benefit if the agency approves the chemicals.

Rabbit redux

Andrea Gardner | Aug 3, 2006
VW's first post-Beetle model makes a comeback. Will it hit the ground running in the affordable car market? Andrea Gardner reports.

Vista woes

| Aug 3, 2006
More bad news for Microsoft: A survey out yesterday finds most businesses will delay purchasing the company's new Vista operating system for at least a year. Jason Paur reports.
Posted In: Science

India's electronic junk market

Miranda Kennedy | Aug 3, 2006
A new report says 70 percent of old computer equipment in the US and Europe winds up in New Delhi. Miranda Kennedy reports.
Posted In: Canada

Natural gas prices ride along with heat wave

Steve Tripoli | Aug 2, 2006
Natural gas prices are at near-record prices as oil hovers about $76 a barrel. The high energy prices come at a time of record electricity demand throughout the country due to a heat wave. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Only $2 billion left to spend in Iraq

Hilary Wicai | Aug 2, 2006
The inspector general for Iraq reconstruction talked to lawmakers today and said there's only $2 billion left for rebuilding the country, with about 500 projects left on the so-called short list. How's the work going to get done? Hillary Wicai reports.
Posted In: Canada, Washington

Strong consumer spending . . . or inflation?

Bob Moon | Aug 2, 2006
Investors today were cheered by news of a 36% jump in 2nd quarter profits at Procter & Gamble. But where Wall Street saw a silver lining, others see a gray cloud in the form of inflationary pressure. Bob Moon reports.
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Entrepreneurs eye Cuba

Dan Grech | Aug 2, 2006
The health of Cuban leader Fidel Castro remains a state secret, but the partying has already begun in Miami. Entrepreneurs there are trying to figure out if they'll have a role after the leader is out of power. Dan Grech reports.
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