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Japan's market no longer in the fridge

Jocelyn Ford | Mar 31, 2006
As Japan's stock market booms, so does the number of individual day-traders looking to make their fortune. Jocelyn Ford catches up with a refrigerator salesman who spends most of his time buying and selling stock.
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A big day for Delphi

Tess Vigeland | Mar 31, 2006
After months of trying to hammer out an agreement with unionized workers to reduce wages, auto-parts maker Delphi today may ask a federal bankruptcy judge to void its labor contracts. Tess Vigeland reports.

Job Files: Putting it all in your hands

| Mar 31, 2006
Imagine a sandwich with meat, cheese, french fries and cole slaw -- <i>inside</i>. Meet Toni Haggerty, the Pittsburgh woman who makes it.

Climate change threatens East Asia economy

Alex Cohen | Mar 31, 2006
The World Bank warns that East Asia could suffer a setback in economic growth because of climate change. Alex Cohen reports.
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Feds still searching for online data

| Mar 31, 2006
The US Justice Department, which recently lost in its attempt to randomly search Google's records of people's searches, now has subpoened 34 other companies. Janet Babin reports.

China, US and EU argue over auto parts

Stephen Beard | Mar 31, 2006
China has attacked the United States and the Eurpean Union for escalating a trade row over auto parts. The US and the EU have accused China of trying to restrict the import of foreign components. Stephen Beard reports.
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Company invests in bird-flu vaccine tests

Helen Palmer | Mar 31, 2006
GlaxoSmithKline plans to spend $2 billion on clinical trials for a pandemic flu vaccine that could be used if bird flu jumps to humans. Helen Palmer reports.
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Microsoft vs. the EU

| Mar 31, 2006
A two-day hearing pitting Microsoft against the European Union ends today. The software giant, accused of using its Windows operating system to squelch competition in Europe, faces fines of $2.4 million a day if a resolution isn't reached. Curt Nickisch reports.

Surviving shrimp-boat operators are pulling in big profits

Janet Babin | Mar 31, 2006
Hurricane Katrina wiped out thousands of commercial shrimp boats. But just like the tale of Forrest Gump, the boats that survived the storm are making a killing. Janet Babin reports.

Precious metals are golden

Bob Moon | Mar 30, 2006
Gold prices, along with those of other commodities, are reaching new highs. Bob Moon looks into why precious metals are such big money-makers right now.
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