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The death of Internet radio?

Scott Jagow and Lisa Napoli | Mar 7, 2007
Online radio stations are facing a hefty hike in the royalties they pay to record labels for streaming music. If a federal copyright panel's ruling stands, it could wipe out smaller companies in one retroactive, fell swoop.
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Aston Martin finds a buyer

Stephen Beard | Mar 7, 2007
Ford has reportedly lined up a motor racing company to purchase its luxury Aston Martin division. Sales for the brand are on the upswing, but analysts agree that Ford is making the right move.
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Police wanted, must disclose financial records

Jeff Tyler | Mar 7, 2007
Some L.A. police are refusing to allow their private financial records to be made public as mandated by a federal decree. It's supposed to weed out corrupt cops, but the police union says it could drive good officers away.
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New blood pressure med OK'd

Helen Palmer | Mar 7, 2007
The FDA has approved Tekturna, the first new class of hypertension drug in a decade. Tekturna controls blood pressure for a full 24 hours, but will that edge be enough to compete in a mature market full of cheap generics?
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Congress considers CEO pay

Scott Jagow | Mar 7, 2007
Proposed legislation would allow shareholders a non-binding vote on executive compensation, but some business groups argue that corporations are not a democracy.
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Venezuela's tax man pops Coke

| Mar 7, 2007
Coca-Cola's operations in Venezuela will be forced to close for three days for allegedly breaking tax rules there, but it's unclear whether the shakeup is politically motivated.
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Paulson's back in China

Scott Jagow and Scott Tong | Mar 7, 2007
Some in Congress are getting anxious about the Chinese currency situation, but that's just one of the things U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson is in Shanghai to talk about, and change isn't likely to happen overnight.
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Why is military hospital in sick shape?

| Mar 6, 2007
President Bush announced his plans to investigate the problems at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Kai Ryssdal talks with expert Gordon Adams about some of the causes for those problems.
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Dividing up the Homeland Security pie

John Dimsdale | Mar 6, 2007
The Senate is considering different formulas for distributing Homeland Security funding. But regional squabbling threatens to derail plans to get a bill approved soon. John Dimsdale reports.
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Worker productivity dips

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 6, 2007
Productivity is slowing, which means companies are getting less out of their workers. Kai Ryssdal gets a quick assessment on the economic significance from investment advisor Hugh Johnson.
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