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A bittersweet return to mining

Sam Eaton | Nov 21, 2006
The nuclear revival has prompted a uranium mining resurgence out West — but some residents of Moab, Utah, aren't eager to turn back the clock. Sam Eaton has the story.

Wal-Mart's low prices a great boon

| Nov 21, 2006
The retail giant has faced a lot of scrutiny, but John Steele Gordon says Wal-Mart is just taking a page from history.

Filling trade gaps in Latin America

Dan Grech | Nov 21, 2006
Colombia's set to sign a trade agreement with the U.S. tomorrow. It would be the biggest deal in this hemisphere since NAFTA, but critics say Congress will never write the deal into law. Dan Grech reports.
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The Great Plains revival

Steve Tripoli | Nov 21, 2006
The Great Plains are coming back from decades of farm crisis. In fact, the latest economic numbers in "Flyover Country" might even give the coasts a case of envy. Steve Tripoli reports.
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A new way to support local booksellers

| Nov 21, 2006
Indie bookstores have been struggling to survive in the face of low-cost competition from major chain retailers. Charla Bear looks at the novel approach one Northern California shop is trying.

What's on your list?

| Nov 21, 2006
Commentator Karen Rizzo says the lists we make during the holidays, or any time, are more than just tallies of things to do.

'If I Did It' is done

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Nov 21, 2006
In response to growing outrage, News Corp has canceled O.J. Simpson's book and forthcoming TV special about how he would have killed his wife and her friend if he'd done it. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Billionaires battle over ITV

Stephen Beard | Nov 21, 2006
Rupert Murdoch is also making waves on the other side of the Atlantic. He snapped up 18% of Britain's largest commercial broadcaster — out from under Sir Richard Branson. Stephen Beard has the story.
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Rent's on the rise

Stacey Vanek Smith | Nov 21, 2006
Residential real estate is on the decline, but the commercial real estate market is still hot — and that means you can expect the rent on your apartment or office space to keep going up. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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A better source of nuclear power?

Scott Jagow | Nov 21, 2006
The U.S. and 30 other countries have agreed to build a nuclear fusion — colliding, not splitting atoms — reactor in Southern France. Host Scott Jagow asks the Financial Times' Clive Cookson why fusion's better than fission.
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