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Box office rebound

Stacey Vanek Smith | Mar 30, 2006
This year isn't shaping up to be a Hollywood sequel to last year's anemic box office figures. Movie theater ticket sales are up more than 4% so far this year. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Senate approves lobbying reform bill

Scott Tong | Mar 29, 2006
The Senate approved a bill today that revises ethics rules regarding politicians and lobbyists. And even though many think the bill is just a partial cleaning at best, lawmakers are putting it through the political spin cycle. Scott Tong reports.
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More MPGs required for SUVs, light trucks

John Dimsdale | Mar 29, 2006
The Department of Transportation announced today it would raise the average fuel-economy standard for light trucks and SUVs to 24 mpg by 2011. John Dimsdale reports.
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Supreme Court considers eBay case

Janet Babin | Mar 29, 2006
The Supreme Court today heard its second patent case in a month. Lawyers for eBay were in action in another case pitting high-tech versus old economy. Janet Babin reports.

Hiring immigrants . . . What's an employer to do?

| Mar 29, 2006
As the issue of immigration and citizenship for undocumented workers faces increasing political debate and public protest, Tom Nogradi, founder of Cicoil, a California-based tech manufacturing company offers his opinion.

The Hamas effect on the Palestinians

Hilary Krieger | Mar 29, 2006
The Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority that was sworn in today is virtually bankrupt. Israel, the US and the EU are trying to figure out how to help the Palestinian people without supporting the militant group. Hilary Krieger reports.
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Globalization now . . . and in the past

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 29, 2006
Kai Ryssdal talks to Harvard University professor Jeff Frieden about the economic connections of nations and the history of globalization.

A Tall or a Venti for Mother Earth?

Sarah Gardner | Mar 29, 2006
Sarah Gardner reports on the 10-year-long struggle of coffee giant Starbucks to brew up a coffee cup that would be better for the environment.

Helping the folks back home

| Mar 29, 2006
Reporter Dan Grech tells the story of one immigrant family that has turned the practice of sending money back home into a half-million-dollar venture.

Reich on immigration reform

Alex Cohen | Mar 29, 2006
In this installment of The People's Business, commentator Robert Reich says the best way to stop the hiring of illegal immigrants is to strengthen enforcement of basic labor laws.