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Stock options investigation

Bob Moon | Jun 9, 2006
Federal investigators are looking into the possibly fraudulent practice of back-dating corporate stock options. Bob Moon reports.
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White House economic forecast

Stacey Vanek Smith | Jun 9, 2006
The White House yesterday released a rosier forecast for economic growth than originally estimated, but some economists see the glass a little differently. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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DeLay says goodbye

Scott Tong | Jun 9, 2006
Former House Majority leader Tom DeLay leaves Congress today. He faces trial for money-laundering and he's tied to the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal. Scott Tong takes a look at whether his legacy is likely to last.
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World Cup ads

Curt Nickisch | Jun 9, 2006
The World Cup kicks off today in Germany. Soccer's quadrennial world championship tournament is an advertising bonanza in most countries. With one notable exception. Curt Nickisch tells us why.
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Hangover cure on the way

Stephen Beard | Jun 9, 2006
A French court has lifted the country's ban on a hangover cure said to work by quickly removing alcohol from the bloodstream. Now the makers of Security Feel Better are eager to step up sales. Stephen Beard reports.
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Commodities rollercoaster

Tess Vigeland | Jun 9, 2006
Commodity prices have been all over the place recently. Tess Vigeland takes look at what's behind the wild ride.
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Job Files: Wedding singer

| Jun 9, 2006
This installment of the Job Files looks at the life of a wedding singer.

House passes telecom bill

Alisa Roth | Jun 9, 2006
Your cable bill could be going down. So say proponents of legislation passed last night by the House. The measure would help phone companies get into the cable business, but it still has to make it through the Senate. Alisa Roth reports.
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World markets tank

Bob Moon | Jun 8, 2006
Major world indexes fell again today — as much as 5 percent in some places. And Wall Street didn't fare much better most of the day. Bob Moon reports.
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Interest rates are rising, commodities falling

Stephen Beard | Jun 8, 2006
The Fed's not the only one worried about inflation. Seven central banks raised short-term interest rates this week. Those jitters are shaking confidence in commodities too. Stephen Beard reports from London.
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