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Buzzword: Internet tax

| Sep 28, 2007
A combination of words that have surely struck you with dread. No, you didn't read wrong. Enjoy your last days of duty-free browsing...
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Trash Challenge: Into the Dustbin of History

Tess Vigeland | Sep 28, 2007
Get out the tissues. (And don't forget to compost them.)...

Work life: Showing you the door

| Sep 28, 2007
He may not be a member of any government office in Washington, D.C., but rest assured, he can certainly... open a lot of doors.
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Marketplace Money Mailbag

Tess Vigeland and Chris Farrell | Sep 28, 2007
This week, Chris Farrell covers how a career military officer should invest a big bonus, paying off a jumbo home loan, and what's the real story behind a good credit score?
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Every dog has its last day

Jeremy Hobson | Sep 28, 2007
This weekend is the last for the regular Major League Baseball season, and that means no ballpark franks for awhile. Jeremy Hobson reports on how the national passtime is a crucial sales time for the hot dog industry.
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Technology aids Myanmar uprising

| Sep 28, 2007
While the the global community has been struggling for a solution to the fierce military crackdown on a pro-democracy movement, cell phones and web connections have made it a new kind of revolution. Doug Krizner talks to consultant Mike Mitchell.

Flush campaigns can't flush away funds

Steve Henn | Sep 28, 2007
Presidential candidates are counting up their cash as the quarter closes. Steve Henn reports that the problem isn't how much money campaigns have -- it's how fast they're not spending it.

In Basque region, trouble hits home

| Sep 28, 2007
Hotels and real estate agents in France have been bombed by Basque separtist groups. The violence has been bad publicity for the tourism and housing markets. John Laurenson reports.
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Greenspan's outlook less rosy

Stephen Beard | Sep 28, 2007
While plugging his new book in Britain, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan mentioned he was less optimistic about the American economy, saying the situation would likely become more serious. More from Stephen Beard.

My morning commute: Boating it

| Sep 28, 2007
This week in our series covering the different ways people get to work, we meet Wrigley Institute Director Tony Michaels, who works on Catalina Island. Issues he has to deal with on his commute: blue whales and the risk of sinking.