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Tangles in medical web-slinging

Helen Palmer | Sep 19, 2007
Wal-Mart and Intel recently adopted electronic health records for their workers. But getting other companies involved won't be easy. Helen Palmer reports.
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No safety net against rising prices

| Sep 19, 2007
The Fed's move to lower the lending rate has critics worried about inflation. Doug Krizner talks to Adrian Ash of London gold-trading firm BullionVault, who says that prices are rising.
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Little faith in credit-rating reform

Bob Moon | Sep 19, 2007
Subprime finger-pointing has caused credit-rating agency Moody's to consider reforming its valuation system. But critics are complaining it won't fix the industry's larger problems. Bob Moon reports.
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Las Vegas seeking liquidity

Stacey Vanek Smith | Sep 19, 2007
Climate change and low rainfall are fast draining Nevada's Lake Mead, which supplies Las Vegas with water. So the city is paying residents as an incentive to conserve. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Slow global gains could mean inflation

| Sep 19, 2007
In his new book, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan says the gains from globalization are waning. And commentator David Frum predicts a bad forecast for inflation.

Markets react to rate drop

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Sep 19, 2007
The interest rate cut may have helped some investors out yesterday, but it won't fix everything. Stephen Beard discusses the downsides the drop could have on the markets.

It's a 'Kid Nation' after all

Rico Gagliano | Sep 19, 2007
On CBS's reality TV show "Kid Nation," 40 children are set loose on a ghost town to create an adult-free society. But the Marketplace Players don't see how this is much different from the America we know now.
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Free? Illegal? ... What's the difference?

Bob Moon | Sep 18, 2007
Free doesn't always mean legal when you're downloading music. And critics say the recording industry's muddying the waters its spent years in court trying to clear up. Bob Moon reports.
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So nice of you to write

| Sep 18, 2007
We've got your comments and clarifications on library fines, two-year colleges, financial affirmative action, and virtual offices.

London gives rich foreigners a break

Stephen Beard | Sep 18, 2007
London has more foreign billionaires than anyplace else in the world. Why? Because they pay less in taxes than they would in other large, developed countries. But that tax break is fostering resentment among less-affluent Brits. Stephen Beard reports.
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