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Supreme Court sides with business again

Steve Henn | Jun 21, 2007
An 8-1 Supreme Court ruling will make it more difficult for investors to bring class action lawsuits that allege they've been ripped off by companies committing securities fraud. Steve Henn reports.
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Some New Orleans levees still in danger

Tess Vigeland | Jun 21, 2007
Almost two years and more than $1 billion has been spent in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina to fix the city's levees. But the Army Corps of Engineers says some neighborhoods are still vulnerable to floods.
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What's out of sight is on their minds

Janet Babin | Jun 21, 2007
Is the rapidly increasing use of microscopic nanomaterials safe? A green group is joining with a chemical company to lay down some guidelines. Janet Babin reports.

EPA's new smog rules are a little hazy

Sarah Gardner | Jun 21, 2007
The EPA announced new recommendations today on tightening limits on ground-level ozone. But, as Sarah Gardner reports, the agency's decision was about as clear as a summer day here in Los Angeles.

A hedge fund for the children

Stephen Beard | Jun 21, 2007
Hedge funds have drawn fire recently for their methods in buying companies and selling off the pieces. But one London-based fund has largely escaped criticism, depite its fearsome reputation. Stephen Beard reports.
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Sue the banks

| Jun 21, 2007
President Bush has stated that the job of recovering shareholders' money from banks involved in the Enron scandal should be left to SEC attorneys. But commentator Jamie Court contends the best path to justice is through the private sector.
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Title IX has pumped up women's sports

Tess Vigeland | Jun 21, 2007
The law that requires colleges receiving federal money to provide equal opportunities for men and women went into effect 35 years ago this weekend. Business-of-sports commentator Diana Nyad takes a look at its impact.
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Stax looking to find a new groove

| Jun 21, 2007
The Stax record label got its start 50 years ago and featured such legends as Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes and Booker T and the MGs. Now, after a bankruptcy and two buyouts, it's about to get another spin. Trey Kay reports.
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Whispers of a rate hike

Bob Moon | Jun 21, 2007
Someone at the Federal Reserve has been talking to the Wall Street Journal and the word is out: Don't expect an interest rate cut anytime soon. Oh yeah, and there could even be a rate hike when the Fed meets next week.
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Clean energy on the fast track

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Jun 21, 2007
A new UN report says an influx of investment in green technologies will help us reach renewable energy goals faster than expected. But, environmental groups point out, it's still just a drop in the fuel bucket. Stephen Beard has details.
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