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How to make it smell like a sale

Lisa Napoli | Nov 22, 2007
Retailers know consumers can't negotiate with their nose when it finds something it likes. Lisa Napoli talks to Rachel Herz, author of "The Scent of Desire," about how some stores are using smell to seal the deal.
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Revving up the retail rumor mill

| Nov 22, 2007
You may be lucky enough to find a good deal tomorrow when you risk the chaos at the stores, but some people found their bargains online as long as two months ago. Andrew Phelps tells us how.
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The Xmas that stole Thanksgiving

Alisa Roth | Nov 22, 2007
While many don't have to worry about the dreaded annual shopping rush until tomorrow, some are gearing up by pumping out the Christmas spirit today. Alisa Roth explores the advance on the next holiday.
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Reheating the pot for business

Dan Grech | Nov 22, 2007
To stay competitive in the fierce world of coffee, Maxwell House is freshening up with new marketing tricks, including juicing up a fresh slogan. Dan Grech reports.

What really happened at that first dinner?

Steve Tripoli | Nov 22, 2007
For Americans who want to know the real story behind what started Thanksgiving, Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Mass. recreates a Pilgrim village. And Steve Tripoli reports that business is making history.
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A novel business idea spells success

Sean Cole | Nov 22, 2007
Jera and Brad Deal turned an inventive letter-hunting game with their daughter into a multimillion-dollar family business. Sean Cole paid them a visit and found the world around him full of letters.
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Women are new stars of French cuisine

| Nov 21, 2007
Restaurant kitchens in France have long been dominated by males. But women are now gaining much of the attention for their influence on the country's fine dining. Their patrons and the critics are eating it up. John Laurenson reports.

How spices became an acquired taste

| Nov 21, 2007
Can you imagine Thanksgiving without the hint of nutmeg or cloves? Spices make the meal. But they weren't always so plentiful. Bob Moon talks with author Michael Krondl about his book on the history of the spice business.
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Drought focuses Aussies on every drop

| Nov 21, 2007
Australians have been dealing with a decade-long drought that's one of their worst in history. Many have found there's nothing like pocketbook pressure to focus the mind on conservation. Stuart Cohen reports.

A step forward for 'clean' coal power?

Sam Eaton | Nov 21, 2007
Indiana regulators have given Duke Energy the OK to build what would become the world's first large-scale coal gasification power plant, provided the company can capture the plant's carbon emissions and store them underground. Sam Eaton reports.