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LEI's projection power pending

Amy Scott | Nov 21, 2007
The index of leading economic indicators has been a strong tool for analysts to determine the likelihood of a recession. But Amy Scott reports the LEI coming out today might point to something else, if it matters at all.
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The Fed can already help subprime

| Nov 21, 2007
As Congress searches for ways to clean up the subprime mess and prevent a future one, commentator Robert Reich says the Fed already has the authority to do just that. It just needs to pay more attention.

Listeners comment on 'Consumed'

Kai Ryssdal | Nov 20, 2007
Our week-long series on the sustainability of the consumer economy drew a number of responses, particularly to our interview of Jared Diamond, our coverage of Wal-Mart's green initiatives, and our look at the history of Crisco.

Is this any way to treat a consumer?

| Nov 20, 2007
Getting ready to settle back and enjoy some football on Thanksgiving Day? Commentator Will Leitch says that when it comes to the commercials you might just want to look away.
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Lots of holiday congestion

Lisa Napoli | Nov 20, 2007
When you travel during the holiday season, packed airports are part of the experience. But for many air travelers the crunch begins before they even get inside the terminal. Lisa Napoli reports on what goes on in the parking lots.
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Poland needs workers to reach its goal

| Nov 20, 2007
Poland will be hosting the European soccer championshps in 2012. It's such a big deal that construction on new roads and stadiums has already started. But who is going to do the work? Brett Neely reports.
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Discovery could alter stem-cell funding

Janet Babin | Nov 20, 2007
News today that scientists have been able to make stem cells from ordinary skin cells could change the terms of the financial debate tied to research. Janet Babin reports.
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Bulk of cargo now bound for Asia

John Dimsdale | Nov 20, 2007
The amount of cargo being moved on ships is up nearly 150 percent over last year. China and India are buying up boatloads of food, coal and other raw materials to fuel their explosive growth. John Dimsdale reports.
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Mortgage meltdown hits thrifts hard

Jill Barshay | Nov 20, 2007
The Office of Thrift Supervision reported today that earnings for the nation's savings and loans plunged 84 percent in the third quarter. Yep, more mortgage problems. Jill Barshay reports.
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Fed pulls back curtain, Wall St. reacts

Bob Moon | Nov 20, 2007
The Federal Reserve followed up on its announcement of increased openness by releasing the minutes of its last meeting. That led to a volatile day on Wall Street, as traders sought to figure out which way the Fed is leaning on interest rates. Bob Moon reports on the action with Kai Ryssdal.
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