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New Orleans, revisited

| Sep 1, 2007
Two years ago, the world witnessed one of the most devastating natural disasters in history. This week, Marketplace's Sam Eaton went back to New Orleans and talked to three lifelong residents about the Hurricane Katrina, what they learned from it and what they're doing to protect themselves in the future.

Summer School: Rebalancing

| Sep 1, 2007
Ever wonder what PMI stood for? What about the differences between a bond's yields versus a bond's price? If this sounds Greek to you, then maybe you should check out our new summer feature Financial Summer School. In our latest financial summer school lesson, we learn that balance is key.

Buzzword: Asset bubble

| Aug 31, 2007
An asset bubble refers to the sudden and dangerous rise in the price of an investment or security. Years ago, it was the dot-coms. Now, it's the subprimes.

Straight Story: Katrina Insurance

| Aug 31, 2007
It's been two years since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf region and many homeowners are still awaiting payments from their insurance company. Economics editor Chris Farrell looks into why.

Mailbag for Friday, August 31, 2007

| Aug 31, 2007
This week, Chris Farrell answers listener questions about dealing with a spouse's debt, planning for retirement after a big income boost and what to do with a child's earnings.

Bush's rescue plan for ARM refugees

John Dimsdale | Aug 31, 2007
President Bush rolls out a rescue plan for homeowners facing foreclosure when their adjustable-rate mortgages adjust too far. Is it too little, too late? John Dimsdale reports on potential bailouts for lenders and borrowers.
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Do flippers deserve a helping hand?

Sam Eaton | Aug 31, 2007
We all might want to extend a helping hand to homeowners on the verge of defaulting. But a study suggests some of these borrowers -- house flippers and speculators -- might not be so deserving of help. Sam Eaton reports.

Lynch, Lehman trade ratings jabs

Amy Scott | Aug 31, 2007
Wall Street can be an incestuous place... When Merrill Lynch downgraded its rating on Lehman Bros. because of Lehman's exposure to the credit turmoil, the investment bank downgraded Merrill Lynch. Amy Scott reports.

Playing politics with public health

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Aug 31, 2007
A federal ad campaign a few years ago implied kids would get sick if moms didn't breast feed. The formula industry shot back with its own campaign -- just one of many political battles over public health. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Careful helping off-shored unemployed

| Aug 31, 2007
When Congress returns after the Labor Day holiday, it will debate re-authorizing a program to help U.S. workers who lose their jobs due to imports or off-shoring. But a new proposal could damage the middle class, says commentator Beth Shulman.
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