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Price checks go to court

Amy Scott | Mar 26, 2007
The Supreme Court is deciding whether consumer prices should be set by manufacturers or retailers. As Amy Scott reports, Wall Street's keeping its eye on the case.
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A work of art on the road

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 26, 2007
While auto makers are having trouble selling their cars, the Ferrari has the unique problem of having too many customers to satisfy. Kai Ryssdal explores the problem in a Ferrari 599 with car critic Dan Neil.
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Long-Term Care Insurance--Not

Chris Farrell | Mar 26, 2007
Demographics may not be destiny, but America is getting older and an aging population will need plenty of long-term care. The cost of a nursing...
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Sloan Sessions: Blackstone IPO

Lisa Napoli | Mar 26, 2007
Newsweek's Allan Sloan says the private equity superstars at The Blackstone Group only stand to win when the company goes public, but the outcome isn't so clear for investors who want to buy in.
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Home for sale by YouTube

Curt Nickisch | Mar 26, 2007
Realtors and sellers have discovered online video sites as a powerful new tool in a housing market that's increasingly friendly to buyers — and it's a trend that's saving everyone time.
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Private equity backlash

Bob Moon | Mar 26, 2007
Are they just out to make a quick buck? A growing political backlash is taking form in Europe as deep-pocketed hedge funds and private equity groups continue to buy up companies and sell off their parts.
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Who controls the price of things?

John Dimsdale | Mar 26, 2007
The Supreme Court hears a case today that could change the rules of retail. It'll decide whether manufacturers or stores have the right to set the minimum price of products we buy.
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Oil's not getting cheaper anytime soon

Stephen Beard and Lisa Napoli | Mar 26, 2007
The price of oil has shot up over $63 a barrel, the highest this year. And given the current political landscape and reduction in global inventories, we can probably expect prices above $60 for the foreseeable future.
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Chavez: 'China is the market of the future'

Dan Grech | Mar 26, 2007
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is going out of his way to cut the U.S. out of the picture as he nationalizes his country's oil industry — all the way to China.
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Senate considers union bill

Hilary Wicai | Mar 26, 2007
The Employee Free Choice Act is designed to make it easier for workers to form unions. It's already passed the House but faces the threat of a filibuster in the Senate.
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