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Malfunctioning defibrillators

Helen Palmer | Aug 10, 2006
Defibrillators are popping up in public places everywhere these days, but a new report says one in five could be defective. Helen Palmer looks into the life-saving market.
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But do you have an 'Elle' phone?

Stacey Vanek Smith | Aug 10, 2006
Women's fashion magazine Elle looks to expand the reach of its brand by launching its own cell phone — that doubles as a mirror. Stacey Vanek-Smith has the story.
Posted In: Science

It keeps getting worse for BP

Bob Moon | Aug 9, 2006
BP's PR nightmare began with its oil pipeline closure in Alaska earlier this week. Now Congress is promising hearings and the Justice Department is pursuing possible criminal charges. Bob Moon has the latest.

Bidding billions for airwaves

Lisa Napoli | Aug 9, 2006
The FCC is auctioning off a huge chunk of airwaves to mobile phone companies. The sale could bring $15 billion to the federal treasury. For consumers, it will mean cool cell phone capabilities down the road, Lisa Napoli reports.
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High-end home sales sinking

Jeff Tyler | Aug 9, 2006
Luxury home builder Toll Brothers said today that sales and signed contracts were down significantly. It's another sign the housing boom could be slowing. Jeff Tyler reports.
Posted In: Economy

Medicare payment cuts

Helen Palmer | Aug 9, 2006
Beginning next year, doctors will see a cut in Medicare reimbursements — all part of the government overhaul of the Medicare payment system. But how will it affect hospital-goers? Helen Palmer reports.
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Careful what you search for

Janet Babin | Aug 9, 2006
AOL mistakenly released the search records of more than 650,000 members 10 days ago. Customer names weren't included, but that doesn't necessarily mean their data was anonymous. Janet Babin explains.
Posted In: Science

Lebanon running on empty

| Aug 9, 2006
Israel said today that it will expand its ground offensive into Lebanon. As resources dwindle, Ben Gilbert reports that many Lebanese are running out of fuel for their vehicles.
Posted In: Canada

Goodbye pensions

| Aug 9, 2006
Last week, Congress passed a pension reform bill that will no longer allow employers to underfund their pension plans. People might think it'll give them more retirement security. All wrong, says commentator Robert Reich.

Your boss never looked so good

| Aug 9, 2006
Thousands of disgruntled workers have entered a contest to find out who has the worst boss. Alex Goldmark has the story.



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