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Credit crunch like bursting bubble

Lisa Napoli | Aug 14, 2007
You didn't have to be Warren Buffet to know that giving people loans for houses they couldn't afford might come back to bite the economy. And, as Lisa Napoli reports, we all really should have known better this time around.
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Beach reads: 'The Pentagon's New Map'

| Aug 14, 2007
Engineering professor Bill Hammack says Thomas Barnett's book is a perfect confection of bite-sized ideas about our global economy to nibble between dips.
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Feds open way to NYC congestion tax

Bob Moon | Aug 14, 2007
The federal government has offered New York City $354 million to pay for Mayor Bloomberg's proposal to charge a fee for vehicles entering the busiest areas of Manhattan. The mayor says it will be good for the economy. Bob Moon reports.
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Seeking health-care help across borders

Dan Grech | Aug 14, 2007
Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons has been in Mexico, meeting with officials on health care -- how to pay for it when Mexicans working in America need medical care. Dan Grech reports.
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Big stars not working in concert with fans

Stephen Beard | Aug 14, 2007
In Europe this summer, some of the biggest names in music have been having a rough time filling seats. Stephen Beard reports.
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Tourism drying up in Britain

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Aug 14, 2007
A rather nasty exchange rate is the most obvious culprit keeping American and Canadian tourists away from the U.K., but other European countries with strong currencies continue to lure travelers, points out Stephen Beard. So what's the problem?
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Heathrow expansion met by protest

Stephen Beard | Aug 14, 2007
As British officials struggle to attract visitors and improve efficiency at London's Heathrow Airport, environmentalists have set up camp to protest its expansion plans. They say more flights will mean more climate change. Stephen Beard reports.
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Support for wave energy swells

| Aug 14, 2007
Imagine turning the ocean into a giant renewable energy pipeline. It could meet as much as 10 percent of U.S. power needs, but some who make their living on the water worry plans to harness it will leave them high and dry. Elizabeth Wynne Johnson reports.

You must be this wealthy to trade

Amy Scott | Aug 14, 2007
Nasdaq's new Portal Market debuts tomorrow, but is only opening its doors to the super-rich. Investors interested in the private market can only trade if they hold at least $100 million in assets. Amy Scott reports.
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Is Greenspan to blame?

John Dimsdale | Aug 14, 2007
Some pundits are pinning the blame for market uncertainty of late to former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan, but is it fair to second guess 18 years of decision-making in hindsight? Besides, he did warn borrowers two years ago, John Dimsdale reports.
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