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Farewell to the trading floor?

Alisa Roth | Dec 11, 2006
Members of the New York Board of Trade vote today on whether to merge with an online commodity trading company. The deal could signal the end of an era on Wall Street, Alisa Roth reports.
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Seeds of a biotech battle

Janet Babin | Dec 11, 2006
Midwest corn and soybean fields are now dormant, but two seed companies are already looking ahead to next year — and battling for market share among farmers with new biotech offerings. Janet Babin reports.

Checking up on Kyoto

Jeff Tyler | Dec 11, 2006
Nine years ago today in Kyoto, Japan, more than 150 countries committed to reduce green house gas emissions. One solution widely touted at the time was a trading system for carbon credits. Jeff Tyler looks at whether it's lived up to expectations.
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Shell gives in to Russia

Stephen Beard | Dec 11, 2006
Shell has offered to give up control of a $22 billion oil and gas project in Russia after months of pressure from the Kremlin. Stephen Beard reports.
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Pinochet's economic legacy

Dan Grech | Dec 11, 2006
Former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet died Sunday at age 91. Many have criticized his brutal regime, but he leaves behind a tremendously successful economic legacy. Dan Grech reports.
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What holiday bonus?

| Dec 8, 2006
Fewer workers are collecting holiday cash bonuses these days. Some folks will be treated to small token gifts -- so is that better than nothing? Hillary Wicai reports.
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Secret philanthropist

| Dec 8, 2006
Half of all charitable donations are made during the holiday season. Amy Radil profiles a donor who gives in secret.
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Holiday office party dos and don'ts

| Dec 8, 2006
Before you make merry at your holiday office gathering, take a listen to this party primer by the Marketplace Players.

Real-life Pursuit of Happyness

| Dec 8, 2006
Hollywood is buzzing about the new Will Smith movie. He plays a man who overcomes homelessness and single fatherhood to become a financial success. Seems like a modern fairytale . . . except it's all true. It's based on the real life of Chris Gardner.

Redeeming advice for frequent fliers

| Dec 8, 2006
Travel isn't the only thing you can buy with your miles, but which rewards give you the best value? Kai talks to Tim Winship, the co-founder of