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Will Amazon be the iTunes killer?

| Dec 7, 2007
With a Pepsi-backed promotion of about a billion music download giveaways, Amazon might be the best competitor against Apple yet. Doug Krizner talks to Billboard's Bill Werde about whether they have a shot at grabbing market share.
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College donors want wiser decisions

Amy Scott | Dec 7, 2007
The case of the Robertsons versus Princeton University is just one example of the growing problem of discontented donors in higher education. Amy Scott reports how one group is trying to help.
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25 years and still a 'Thriller'

Stacey Vanek Smith | Dec 7, 2007
Michael Jackson's "Thriller" debuted this week in 1982, and it still holds the title of best-selling album of all time. Stacey Vanek-Smith shows us how the album and video raised the bar for what we expect from artists today.
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Alitalia bidders take good with bad

| Dec 7, 2007
Italian air carrier Alitalia might have a reputation for bad management and costly setbacks, but Italy's draw as a top flight destination makes it a desirable item for takeover. Megan Williams reports on who's bidding.
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Wise investing or just chancing it?

Lisa Napoli | Dec 7, 2007
Does it take luck or skill to make money in the markets? Lisa Napoli explores financial chance versus ability with engineer Stan Mazor, co-inventor of the first silicon chip and author of the book "Stock Market Gambling."
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A new way to clean up a crude mess

Janet Babin | Dec 7, 2007
After being told it couldn't be done, a team of students at MIT has figured out a way to use a material to separate oil from water, allowing for future clean-ups of crude oil spills. Janet Babin has more.

Rising cost of debt stretching cash thin

Jeremy Hobson | Dec 7, 2007
From mortgage payments to paying off credit cards, many consumers are finding it difficult to foot money for the bills on time. Jeremy Hobson reports how many Americans are trying to put out fires.
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Realtors adapt as red-hot market cools

Lisa Napoli | Dec 6, 2007
Not long ago a broker could sell a house without trying very hard. But times have really changed. Lisa Napoli explores the new reality for realtors in the once red-hot market known as Greater Los Angeles.
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Do steroid findings weaken scandals?

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 6, 2007
A report earlier this week said tests done on 50 over-the-counter supplements showed traces of steroids in 13 of them. And those traces weren't mentioned on the labels. Business of sports analyst Diana Nyad talks with Kai Ryssdal about the Marketplace side of the story.
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Stop bashing Boras for doing his job

| Dec 6, 2007
Superagent Scott Boras has just gotten his client, outfielder Andruw Jones, the fifth-highest average salary in baseball history: $36 million for two years with the L.A. Dodgers. Boras is often blamed for rising player paychecks. But commentator Dan Drezner says that's wrong-headed.
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